Jack Layton to Kick Ignatieff’s Butt in Quebec?

The polls and news reports are filled with the notion that Jack Layton will do what Michael Ignatieff cannot… win votes in Quebec.  There’s even talk that Layton will outperform the Bloc Quebecois on their home soil!

Can you imagine that?  Quebecers being fed up with a political party whose sole aim is to break up the country?

If this is true, then Hallelujah!

But for me, the funniest thing about this entire election is the emergence, or should I say the apparent emergence of Jack Layton as an actual human being.  Ever since he entered politics, Layton has basically been nothing more than an opportunist, a man who has never met a video camera he didn’t like.

But in this election, some are saying (not me, of course) that Layton is actually sounding like a living, breathing member of the human race, and this perception is on the very of winning him big in Quebec.

A news story today reported that Layton had pulled ahead of the Bloc Quebecois in the polls, and has long since left Ignatieff in the dust.  I think that’s awesome, and hilarious.

Ignatieff, I’ll call him IFnatieff, returned to Canada to claim what he perceived to be his personal destiny, indeed his birthright, the Canadian Prime Minister-ship.

I think he’s about the only one shocked that the rest of the country couldn’t care less about his “personal destiny” or his claim on the country’s leadership when he’s spent most of his adult life denigrating Canada from a comfy chair in the United States.

Given the stunning lack of leadership being shown by Ignatieff, even I’m beginning to believe some of the talking heads that are already saying it could be a Conservative majority government with Jack Layton and the NDP forming the Official Opposition!

Wouldn’t that be hilarious?  Vindication for Layton, and complete decimation for Ignatieff.

Coudn’t happen to a sleazier politician, if you ask me.


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