Constable Nick Sharma disgraces himself and the RCMP

Constable Nick Sharma is a member of the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit, whose mandate is to stop gangs and drug dealers. From their website:

The mission of CFSEU-BC is to facilitate the disruption and suppression of organized crime which affects British Columbians. The mandate is to investigate, prosecute, disrupt and suppress criminal organizations, consistent with local, regional, national and international priorities.

Their mandate does not appear to be stealing from anyone, but that’s exactly what Constable Nick Sharma has been accused of.  While both a criminal and RCMP internal take place Sharma has been placed on administrative leave.  Standard procedure.

It speaks volumes about a man’s character that he’s willing to risk his career and the integrity of the RCMP itself to steal a lousy $400 from another patron at a casino.

The fact that Sharma was off duty at the time is irrelevant.  His actions on and off duty reflect on both him AND the RCMP.

Members of a high-profile anti-gang squad need to have a lot more integrity than has been [allegedly] shown by RCMP Constable Nick Sharma.

Being a cop working with gangs has got to be a tough job.  No doubt.  The lines between right and wrong get blurred all the time, but our RCMP members have got to hold themselves to a higher standard, especially if they expect the good citizens of this country to respect them.

When we hear, day after day, reports of the very people who are supposed to “protect and serve” the citizens of Canada breaking the law and abusing their authority, it disgraces them and the RCMP.

But most of all it disgraces the brave men and women who have given their lives in the line of duty to do what’s right.

Men and women like:

  • Toronto City Police Sergeant Ryan Russell
  • RCMP Constable Chelsey Robinson
  • Ontario Provincial Police Constable Vu Pham
  • Ottawa Police Service Constable Ireneusz (Eric) Czapnik
  • Police de Laval Constable Daniel Tessier
  • York Regional Police Service Constable Robert Plunkett
  • RCMP Constable Christopher John Worden
  • RCMP Constable Douglas Scott
  • Windsor Police Service Senior Constable John Atkinson
  • Sault Ste. Marie Police Service Senior Constable Don J. Y. Doucet
  • RCMP Constable Robin Cameron
  • RCMP Constable Marc Bourdages
  • RCMP Constable Anthony Fitzgerald Orion Gordon
  • RCMP Constable Lionide Nicholas Johnston
  • RCMP Constable Brock Warren Myrol
  • RCMP Constable Peter Christopher Schiemann
  • Police de Laval Constable Valérie Gignac


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