RCMP member loses his service pistol and doesn’t even know it?


How the heck can you drop your service pistol on the bathroom floor and not even know it?  That’s the question of the hour today as Nova Scotia RCMP try and figure out why a civilian was the one turning in an RCMP standard issue Smith & Wesson 9mm pistol.

Shall I list the charges that any “mere citizen” would face if they dropped their loaded pistol in a public washroom for someone else to find?

Naw… why bother.  We’ll probably never even learn the name of the RCMP member who was so incredibly stupid he deserves to be bounced from the force.

But what we WILL see is Lawrence Manzer’s trial later this year for “weapon dangerous” charges for the “crime” of standing on his doorstep with an unloaded shotgun.

I dare the RCMP to treat one of their own like they’d treat you or me in the same circumstances… with criminal weapon charges for the offender.

I dare the Crown Counsel in the Lawrence Manzer case to come to his senses and drop the entire fiasco…  and take a hard look at why Manzer and his neighbour Brian FOx were forced to do what the RCMP refused to do for months… apprehend the offenders who were repeatedly vandalizing and stealing anything not nailed down.

I also dare the Crown Counsel in Ontario to drop all charges against Ian Thomson and charge the men who tried to burn him to death in his own home with attempted murder charges, instead of the stupid arson charges they currently face.

Will we see any of these things happen?

Not in this lifetime.


AMHERST, N.S. — Nova Scotia RCMP are investigating after someone found a police firearm inside the bathroom of a local business in Amherst.

An RCMP spokeswoman confirms the firearm is a standard-issue, Smith & Wesson 9-millimetre handgun belonging to a Mountie.

Sgt. Brigdit Leger says an internal investigation started on Tuesday.

She says the investigation involves the force’s code of conduct.

Ian Naylor, deputy chief with the Amherst Police Department, confirms the force is also investigating the incident that was reported April 6.

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