Politically-Correct Madness attacks Munson, Ohio’s Easter Egg Hunt

Will the politically-correct ninnies just shut their bloody pie-holes and let the kids have and Easter Egg Hunt?

Apparently not in the Ohio township of Munson, they won’t.  Town officials there have chosen to call this year’s Easter Egg Hunt something as bland and pathetic as “The Spring Egg Hunt”.

Wow… I’ll bet that took some imagination, didn’t it?

Actually, what I wonder is who on this tiny town’s council has their knickers so in a twist they can’t allow the word “Easter” to be used.

I understand the anti-Christian sentiment… Christians are, after all, the only religious group you can actually practice intolerance and hate for and not get dragged before a Human Rights Tribunal.

Can you imagine if they’d tried changing the name of some traditional Islamic event to something as bland as “The Spring Egg Hunt?

Me neither, because they’d never have dared!

But now that some in the town of Munson Ohio believe so strongly that the town council’s idea is a stupid one and have decided to put up the money privately to hold the Easter Egg Hunt…. yeah, you guessed it… the country prosecutor is “investigating”.

Exactly what the county prosecutor is investigating, I don’t know, but since it’s not a crime to call it an Easter Egg Hunt anywhere else on the continent, I can’t wait to see what crime they decide to charge these nasty evil Easter Egg Hunt promoters with!

Sheesh!  What is this world coming to?  We’re going to charge people with crimes, and waste precious court time over the fact that some think Easter Egg Hunts should be called exactly what they are?

The world truly has gone mad.

I want to personally congratulate Enzo Perfetto of Munson, Ohio for having the good will to put up the $600 to sponsor this year’s Easter Egg Hunt.

On behalf of all the kids in Munson, Enzo… Thank You!

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