“Religion of Peace” kills 14-year-old-rape victim for “causing” the rape

This is a perfect example of why islam (the religion of peace) and sharia law (islamic law) have absolutely no place in Western countries.

This young girl was ambushed and brutally raped….the islamic imam then issued a fatwa claiming that the young girl, the victim, was responsible for the rape and charged her with adultery and a sentence of a 100 lashes……..the sentence was carried out and before she received the full 100 lashes….she was dead.

This was not a thousand years ago, or five hundred years ago………this was just days ago.

You can read about it here:


We’re all focused right now on Libya and budget battles at home, but this story from Bangladesh just broke my heart and outraged me — and offers a reminder of the daily human rights struggles of so many women and girls in villages around the world.

A 14-year-old Bangladeshi girl, Hena, allegedly was ambushed when she went to an outdoor toilet, gagged, beaten and raped by an older man in her village (who was actually her cousin). They were caught by wife of the alleged rapist, and the wife then beat Hena up. An imam at a local mosque issued a fatwa saying that Hena was guilty of adultery and must be punished, and a village makeshift court sentenced Hena to 100 lashes in a public whipping.

Her last words were protestations of innocence. An excellent CNN blog post, based on interviews with family members, says that the parents “had no choice but to mind the imam’s order. They watched as the whip broke the skin of their youngest child and she fell unconscious to the ground.”

Hena collapsed after 70 lashes and was taken to the hospital. She died a week later, by some accounts because of internal bleeding and a general loss of blood. The doctors recorded her death as a suicide. (Women and girls who are raped are typically expected to commit suicide, to spare everyone the embarrassment of an honor crime.)

I’ve covered enough of these kinds of stories to know that it’s difficult to know exactly what happened unless you’re on the scene talking to everyone who was there; maybe the imam has a different version of events. But all accounts that I’ve seen such that this was a brutal attack on a helpless girl in the name of sharia and justice.

This battle against islam, sharia law and muslims has absolutely nothing to do with persecution or denial of freedom of religion.

It has to do with our refusal to allow one of the most murderous, cancerous and black hearted political ideologies, islam and sharia law, to become part, even the smallest fraction, of our society, our schools, our universities, our governments, our courts, our business communities and our lives.

That claim that we are denying muslims their “rights” is a farce………think about it for a minute……..if we deny Clifford Olson the opportunity to murder another innocent child by removing him from society and imprisoning him for his crimes…..are we denying him his “rights”???

This young girl, her name was Hena, enjoyed the “religion of peace” twice…..once in her brutal rape….twice in her death sentence for causing the rape.

I wonder where the 100,000 outraged muslims were as they marched in condemnation of atrocity and in the defence of this defenceless child?……

Food for thought……


Don Laird

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