Every now and then I just need a dose of The Nuge to get me through the day.

There’s just something special about Ted Nugent aka The Nuge.  What I love about the man is that he has an opinion and he’s not afraid to share it with anyone and everyone.  What’s better is that he comprehends basic human truths that escape such “progressive thinkers” as Wendy Cukier, Diane Feinstein and that ilk.

He applies common sense to the problems he faces. I appreciate that. What I appreciate more is his leadership on the issue of our Rights and Freedoms. He gets it, and isn’t afraid to make sure you know he gets it. God love him!

The other day a friend of mine sent me a link to this video.  Yeah, I’ve seen it before.  I’ve even got half a dozen copies of it scattered around my hard drive, I’m sure.

But there I seem to forget to watch it when I need a dose of The Nuge.



2 thoughts on “Every now and then I just need a dose of The Nuge to get me through the day.

  1. Ah, okay… but you’re “smart” because you think it’s better that the rapist have his way with you, instead of being stopped by a couple of well-placed bullets?

    Or the home invader be allowed to murder your entire family, instead of being shot dead?

    I don’t think it’s me (or Ted) that’s the idiot Carley.

    Self-Defense is our God-given Right… even if you choose to abandon it to rapists and murderers.

    I will never apologize for believing good people should live, yes, even at the expense of the criminals who would do us harm.

    I’m just sayin…

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