And the Vote Compass results are in…. “You’re a Liberal”

How hilarious is that…  The CBC (Canada’s communist Broadcasting Corporation) released a tool to help voters decide how to vote in the upcoming Canadian federal election.

It didn’t take long for word to leak out about how flawed the system is… Less than 24 hours.

Queen’s University political science professor Kathy Brock did some research into the tool, and discovered it defaults to Liberal for the results.

It’s really no surprise, is it?  The communist broadcasting corporation has never been known for it’s impartiality, or for it’s integrity of reporting for that matter.

Now it’s stooping to manufacturing news stories.  Gotta love Canada.

Vote Compass is a 30-question online survey that asked the question:

Whose views are most like yours?

Only “your views” aren’t what’s important.  What’s important is being told you resonate most closely with the Liberal Party… the party that bills itself as “Canada’s Natural Governing Party“.

Interestingly, it’s also the party that increases funding to the CBC… unlike that other party that’s formed government for the past few years.

Am I surprised that anything coming out of the CBC would be Liberal-biased?  Hardly.

What’s hilarious about the news of bias breaking is that they’re claiming that because over half a million people have used the tool, it must be valid.


And if those same half a million people jumped off a cliff… would that make their decision rational or “valid”?

Yeah… not so much.

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