Chuck Strahl’s Coronation of son Mark as Conservative Candidate in Chilliwack — Fraser Valley Riding disgusts me

Let the Political Antics Begin.

I live in the riding of Chilliwack-Fraser Valley. It’s the third riding the tiny town of Lytton has been a part of in the last five elections… for the last three we’ve been left in the Chilliwack riding owned by Chuck Strahl.  I say “owned” for a reason, as you’ll see in a minute.

Chuck announced he was not running for re-election a week or two ago, so that left the riding open… well sort of , I suppose.

The Conservative riding’s nomination process is being called “undemocratic and corrupt” in the wake of Chuck’s son Mark getting the nod for the riding.

Given Strahl senior resigned “so suddenly”, nobody had else had much of a chance to get nomination papers in before the March 6th deadline.  Strahl junior is the ONLY person who would have had access to the party membership list, thanks to his dad.

Clearly this process was designed specifically so Chuck Strahl could hold a coronation for his son Mark and pre-empt any challengers for the crown.

With the Harper Conservatives looking for thier first majority, and having been defeated by a non-confidence vote on ethics, does Strahl really think this is the best thing for anyone except his own family?

Harper himself doesn’t get off on this one either.  Everyone knows nothing goes on without his approval, and nobody gets their nomination papers signed in either the Conservative OR Liberal parties, so claiming he knows nothing about this bullshit… well, as they like to say…. “That dog don’t hunt.

“What the two Strahl men and the PMO did is they corrupted the proceedings in Chilliwack-Fraser Canyon.  It’s also a trememdously distatesful show of inside corruption where the son follows the father.”

— Alexander Moens — Conservative Party member (at least for the moment…)

Former Chilliwack city councilor Casey Lanbrook wanted to run for the nomination, but only heard about Chuck Strahl’s resignation while he was out of town on a business trip.

Makes it pretty difficult to mount a campaign when nobody but “the anointed one” has any idea when the nomination process will start…. moments before the election is called.

Guess I’ll be voting for some fringe weirdness party this election… maybe the Greens or someone equally unpalatable… Can’t vote for the Liberals because they believe the nation should be disarmed (a moronic notion that panders to voters who have no comprehension that criminals don’t follow the law)… and I sure won’t be voting for Strahl junior given the corrupt and underhanded way he was crowned to take over the riding from his dad.

My bet is that the Lytton polls will be almost 100% NDP this time out.  They were around 80% last time I was a scrutineer, and with this Strahl nepotism garbage… well let’s just say I don’t see a lot of people voting for the “anointed one”.

How this anti-Strahl nepotism manifests itself throughout the rest of the riding remains to be seen, but early indications are that people are pretty pissed off about it.

And rightly so.

When Conservative candidates start acting like Liberals… it’s hard to get engaged in an electoral process that seems riddled with corruption from top to bottom.

God save us from these idiots!


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