Cerebral Palsy Woman Abused By Vancouver City Police

Wow. A Vancouver City Police constable, strolling down the street with two fellow “officers” were caught on camera pushing a woman to the ground, and then walking away.

Disgusting. Truly disgusting.

The VPD officer was NOT suspended, nor, as far as anyone can tell, reprimanded in any way.He wrote a letter of apology for his actions, if you can call “I thought at the time that you were attempting to reach for my firearm” an apology. If he weren’t caught on video acting like such a jerk, I’m sure that wouldn’t have happened at all.

The Vancouver City Police doesn’t have a very good reputation on the lower east side of the city. After watching this video, it’s not hard to figure out why.

Vancouver Province columnist Ethan Baron wrote it like this: “I would call it assault, and that’s a criminal offence. And what would you call it if that officer, in spite of the incident being caught on a video that was given to the police department soon after, was still walking the Downtown Eastside beat? I would call it a disgusting display of departmental arrogance and a total lack of accountability to the public.”

This policy of letting their officers get away with crimes like this has got to stop. Were it you or I that had assaulted this woman, no doubt this fine upstanding member of the VPD would have been quite happy to arrest us and haul us off to jail.

Police Accountability… I wonder if we’ll ever get that back…

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