BC Civil Liberties Assn wants to hear from you

The BC Civil Liberties Association is holding a series of public workshops to gather the thoughts of rural British Columbians about the RCMP.

BCCLA Executive Director, lawyer, and author of the Arrest Handbook: A Guide to Your Rights, David Eby will be visiting 14 BC interior and northern centers to hear what people have to say.  The workshops will also be teaching sessions, where people will be able to learn more about their rights, and how to exercise them effectively, especially when dealing with the RCMP.

Given the horror of cases like Ian Bush, Clayton Alvin Willey, and Kevin St. Arnaud, the BCCLA is also looking to find out of there are more cases of gross RCMP error that they have not heard about yet.

I for one would not be surprised to find out there are more…

The RCMP has not been accountable in a very long time, sadly.  It’s taken cases like those mentioned above, and Robert Dziekanski’s death at the hands of 1 RCMP Corporal and 3 RCMP constables, to finally get some glimmer of hope at that accountability.  But it remains just that, a glimmer.

The RCMP should be ashamed of both itself and the conduct of RCMP Corporal Benjamin Monty Robinson, who was in the lead on the Dziekanski murder.  Shortly after that horrific case, Corporal Robinson killed Orion Hutchinson, and fled the scene to go home and get drunk, one must presume so he would avoid a charge of drunk driving and manslaughter.

Turns out he was right, as the only charge he will face is one of obstructing justice.  And even at that he may still remain in the RCMP.

Since killing Hutchinson, Monty Robinson has been suspended… with pay.

How’s that for unaccountable?

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