Justin Trudeau isn’t “barbaric”, he’s a “moron”

Trust the son of PET to come up with such a stupid statement… As if riding on daddy’s coattails isn’t enough, he’s decided it’s time to make his own mark on the Canadian political landscape.

Poor little Justin is all upset over the wording in a pamphlet that’s sent out to folks wanting to immigrate to Canada from around the world.

The wording he finds so offensive?

“Canada’s openness and generosity do not extend to barbaric cultural practices that tolerate spousal abuse, ‘honour killings,’ female genital mutilation, forced marriage or other gender-based violence.”

It appears that the younger, [allegedly] stupider Trudeau merely finds spousal abuse, ‘honor killings’ and female genital mutilation “absolutely unacceptable”.

I’m sure if Mr. Trudeau was subjected to the “barbaric” act of a piece of broken glass being used to carve up his private parts he’d view it just a little bit differently.  But that’s the thing, isn’t it… its’ NOT the “anointed one” who’s subjected to these horrific practices.  It’s young women.

Apparently, like a good Liberal stooge, the [allegedly] moronic one doesn’t want to offend those who practice offensive practices around the world.

He wants them to be treated kinder… gentler… you know… the Trudeau way.

They’re merely “unacceptable”.

You know what I find “absolutely unacceptable”?

Justin Trudeau claiming to speak for Canadians.

In fact, I find that a “barbaric” offense to my Right to be Free from unmitigated political stupidity.

“…but in an official Government of Canada publication, there needs to be a little bit of an attempt at responsible neutrality.”

Sorry Justin… I don’t want “neutrality” when it comes to mutilating human beings… I don’t give a rat’s ass what culture they’re from.

I want to be downright offensive to anyone practicing spousal abuse, ‘honour killings’ and female genital mutilation.

What disgusts me is that you are more concerned with moronic political correctness than with human beings.

That’s “barbaric”.

Justin Trudeau – 47 Character-Revealing Quotes from Canada’s 23rd Prime Minister and What They Mean for You

Justin Trudeau – 47 Character-Revealing Quotes from Canada’s 23rd Prime Minister and What They Mean for You

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In this book I undertook an examination of Canada’s 23rd Prime Minister using Justin Trudeau’s own words and actions.

I researched Justin Trudeau’s much-publicized missteps and his actions as a result of those missteps. I analyzed the national media’s response to the glaring discrepancy between his words and his actions.

My examination uncovered a disturbing pattern. That pattern is the focus of this book.

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About the Book

Are you a concerned Canadian citizen?

I am too.  That’s why the 2015 election bothered me.  Not so much because of the man we elected Prime Minister, but because of what the election of that man said about our nation.

Like our American cousins in 2008, Canadians opted for Hope and Change in 2015.  We opted for style over substance.

ABC – Anything But Conservative became the rallying cry for millions.

We rejected serving Prime Minister Stephen Harper as out of touch, distant and without personality.  We rejected NDP leader Thomas Mulcair as “Angry Tom.”  While we, as a nation, were angry at the status quo we did not want an angry man leading our country.

As the American media did with Barack Obama in the lead up to the 2008 US election, our Canadian media ignored their anointed candidate’s glaring lack of leadership experience and management ability.

That bothered me.

In this book I undertook an examination of Canada’s 23rd Prime Minister using Justin Trudeau’s own words and actions.

I researched Justin Trudeau’s much-publicized missteps and his actions as a result of those missteps. I analyzed the national media’s response to the glaring discrepancy between his words and his actions.

My examination uncovered a disturbing pattern.  That pattern is the focus of this book.

Are you willing to learn the hard truths about your Prime Minister?

Excellent. Then this book is for you.

Series: Political Leaders, Book 1
Genre: Politics
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ISBN: 9780987934505
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Five Stars

Every Canadian should read this.

If you need to be reminded about Trudeau's character...

If you need to be reminded about Trudeau's character, then buy the book. The Trudeau antics will piss you off again, but it's worth the read.

The Trudeau threat

Very well researched and laid out. As the mainstream media will not keep the public thus informed of Trudeau's actions Canadians rely on individuals such as Mr. di Armani to provide the details we cannot easily obtain on our own.

A must read!

All Canadians need to read this book in order to realize what they voted in as our prime minister. He is such a arrogant fool and a idiot it is embarrassing.

Beyond The Selfies

This book presents the facts behind the Justin Trudeau façade in a way that the vapid Canadian media would never dare expose. Instead, we are bombarded with shallow accounts of Justin and Sophie, pictures, selfies and few-word Tweets. Little was said in the medias about Trudeau's professional experience before being acclaimed as the Liberal Party leader. Little was analyzed about his achievements and accomplishments as a private citizen, before the medias fell in love with the image. Little was said about the contradictions of his speeches and positions, especially as they pertain to referring to Canada's Charter of Rights while lauding the dictatorships of China and Cuba. This book brings it all to the surface in short, concise chapters. I hope that Christopher di Armani writes a sequel in the years ahead since we are heading toward the reckoning of Justin's policy of run-away debt, conflicts of interests pertaining to the foundation, the conflicts of interest already highlighted by Canada's ethics commissioner, uncontrolled spending and a reckless policy on migration.

Definitely a read for us mere citizens.


"The Emperor Has No Clothes"

This book is well researched, easy to follow and lays bare the lies and hypocrisies of Justin Trudeau. It could easily be sub-titled "The Emperor Has No Clothes" Hats off to Christopher di Armani for taking on this project.

Like a good attorney and / or investigative reporter di Armani let's Trudeau convict himself

An excellent book. Christopher di Armani takes Trudeau's quotes and like a good attorney and/or investigative reporter has Trudeau convict himself. I especially like that he truly transcribes his spoken words showing the vast difference between Trudeau speaking from a prepared speech and Trudeau having to think on his feet. He also shows how Trudeau answers the same questions differently in French in Quebec and in English in English Canada.

Christopher di Armani nails it with this book.

Christopher di Armani nails it with this book. This book is not for JT groupies, as the author speaks the truth here, which is not always flattering. Actually, maybe it is for fans of our Prime Minister, they could probably use a dose of reality. Anyway, well written book - kudos to Mr. di Armani for his insight.

Another bit of excellent writing by a Canadian's Canadian

Christopher has nailed Trudeau to a T!! Another bit of excellent writing by a Canadian's Canadian.

Great profile of a flawed leader ...

"Laid bare is Trudeau's narcissism mixed with a partisan zeal which disguises a surprisingly thin intellect. It appears that Trudeau excels at spouting the jargon of the progressive cult, and in his zeal to embrace those imaginary virtues of diversity and empathy, he is without regard for the larger interests of the Canadian citizens who voted for him. Chris has done a remarkable job in the selection of quotations, but has made this very quick read a must have for the Canadian voters. I only wish that all Canadians had read it prior to the last election."

Perfect portrayal

A perfect portrayal of who Trudeau really is, incompetent and unqualified and following the footsteps of his father who almost destroyed Canada.

Breaking through the media cover-up

Chris Di Armani put together a compendium of quotes from Justin Trudeau from his campaign and throughout his first year in power revealing the true character of our national leader. Justin thinks like his father having disdain for the west, complete dedication to Quebec, a penchant for running gigantic debt enslaving a yet-to-be-born middle class and adoration for dictatorial regimes like China and Cuba. Many of his quotes are hollow and mindless indicating a leader who simply cannot think before he speaks. Trudeau proves sympathetic to Muslim terrorists by refusing to condemn their actions and insisting they have a right to retain Canadian citizenship even after conviction of terrorist intent. Chris clearly shows Justin Trudeau is a fake feminist and has deep contempt for average Canadians.
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About the Author
Christopher di Armani

The hardest writing for any author, I suspect, is writing about themselves. It sure is for me.

While I can write the most personal quirks, the most embarrassing situations and tell the truth for any character in my fiction, writing about myself is, well, uncomfortable.

I’m not one for the spotlight. I like the shadows. I’m most comfortable there. Most writers are.

Writing is my passion and I’m my happiest when I’m pounding out a story. If it’s 3am and I’m still at the keyboard you are right to be scared. Anything can show up on the page at that hour.

Like many writers I am an avid reader. My earliest memories are of Zane Grey westerns. I devoured them like candy. His strong male characters would, no matter their personal flaws, do the right thing when it mattered most. That is what drew me to his books.

I imagine I learned a lot of my own moral code from the characters Zane Grey created.

Like many writers I am also an introvert. Do not allow the protestations of past co-workers convince you otherwise. They see what I want them to see - the social face that allows me to function out in the world. Every writer has one.

It’s how we survive until we make our way back to the safety and security of our writing room.

I am a good writer.

That’s not arrogance speaking. That’s a fact substantiated by the money folks pay me to write. Bad writers don’t get paid.

I didn’t start off a good writer though.

My first novel, written when I was 16, is proof of that. It’s about teenage gangs in high school, about bad choices and worse friends. I wrote it as an assignment for English class. My teacher took pity on me and commended me for its length and ambition with a C Plus. Notice he did not say talent.

The book is horrible. Really. I stumbled across it a few years ago and attempted to read it. By the end of the first page I wanted to vomit. It’s trash.

I accept that.

I started writing young and wrote anything that struck my fancy. Some of it was published, most wasn’t. I wrote letters to the editor, newspaper articles, short stories, poetry, novellas, books, screenplays and short films.

Major newspapers, both print and digital, published me as time went on. Then I edited a national magazine for a firearms advocacy group for two years. That’s where I learned first-hand just how hard we writers make things for our editors.

During my tenure as magazine editor I learned how to edit anything into readable form. Why? I had to meet deadline. That’s a lesson that serves me well to this day.

I’m also a huge horror movie fan. I love vampires (not the ones that sparkle), werewolves and scary guys like Hannibal Lecter.

My interests vary widely as do my forms and genres of writing. I love writing current events commentary. That love has turned into numerous book projects, including a book on the RCMP’s ongoing issues as well as a book on Canada’s 23rd Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. That book, published in early 2017, went on to become a #1 Bestseller on Amazon.

I’ve written a vampire movie, series of two serial killer movies in a series and I’m in the process of turning all three scripts into books. I just finished the first draft of the novel based on the vampire script and so far so good.

When I finish that I’ll turn the two serial killer movies into novels and add the third and final installment to that series. Along the way I’m sure I will write other odd things, too.

Like most writers I have more ideas than I have time to write.

That’s the beauty of the creative mind, isn’t it?

Disclosure of Material Connection: Some of the links in the page above are "affiliate links." This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."

2 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau isn’t “barbaric”, he’s a “moron”

  1. I wrote a little essay on the matter. Unfortunately it doesn’t appear to be online anymore, so I’ll print it below.

    The limits of barbarism: Jason Kenney and honour killings

    Jason Kenney is no stranger to controversy. As an MP in 2005, he said that gays and lesbians should have the right to marry – to a member of the opposite sex. As Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, in 2009 he imposed a visa requirement on Czechs and Mexicans who wished to visit Canada, a measure that irked immigrant rights advocates as well as tourist operators who worried the measure would hurt their business. Later that same year, he inserted a phrase in the Discover Canada guide for new immigrants which also created a small firestorm. The guide stated that while Canada welcomed immigrants, it did not tolerate “barbaric cultural practices” such as female genital mutilation or honour killings.

    That statement remains in the recently updated version of Discover Canada. This time, however, the words seem to have caught the eye of Liberal MP Justin Trudeau (son of the late Prime Minister). On a radio talk show, Trudeau took exception to the expression “barbaric” on the grounds that such strong language had no place in a government document and created a barrier between “us” (i.e. mainstream Canadians) and “them” (i.e. immigrants). “Absolutely unacceptable” would have been better, according to Trudeau.

    Reaction was swift to follow. Kenney’s office said they made no apology for letting immigrant women know their rights. The Minister himself noted that statements like Justin Trudeau’s “undermine public support for multiculturalism” and refused to accept the Liberal MP’s later apology. Conservative MP Shelly Glover demanded that Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff remove Trudeau from his post. Interestingly, NDP Immigration Critic Olivia Chow appeared to take Kenney’s side in the matter, declaring that honour killings were indeed barbaric and that the Discover Canada guide had every right to make that clear. Meanwhile, Ignatieff merely opined that “There’s no such thing as an ‘honour’ killing… only killing, and it’s a crime everywhere.”

    Outside political circles, the controversy continued to rage. Commenting on a Toronto Sun article about the Kenney-Trudeau debate, one reader accused Justin Trudeau of tolerating the murder of women in the name of multiculturalism. On the other side of the ledger, Kenney and his supporters were slapped with the “r” word – racism. Ottawa Citizen columnist Dan Gardner described Kenney’s rebuttal to Trudeau as part of the Conservatives’ strategy of “he who is not with me is against me.” There was, in short, a great deal of hysteria, and voices of moderation were drowned out or shouted down.

    As with all hot-button issues – abortion, military intervention in Afghanistan, and so on and so forth – the “barbaric” brouhaha is another case in which arguments on both sides have grains of truth but a lot of distortions as well. Many of those who objected to Jason Kenney’s use of the term “barbaric” appeared unwilling to face the fact that honour killing (that is, the murder of a woman by relatives for having “dishonoured” the family by anything from having pre- or extramarital sex to wearing make-up or suggestive clothing) has no equivalent in mainstream Canadian society. Traditionally in Canada, the treatment of wayward women by their families has consisted of ostracism or disinheritance – not homicide. But good luck in trying to point this out to some of the so-called multiculturalists. For example, when I remarked on a website accusing Kenney of ignoring the abuse of underage girls in Bountiful, British Columbia that no woman in Bountiful had ever been killed, the moderator informed me that I thought domestic violence was an exclusively Muslim problem. I replied that not only had I not even mentioned the word “Muslim” but that the most sexually, physically and emotionally abusive boyfriend I had ever had was a – drum roll – White Christian. Even so, I was reprimanded for my “prejudices.” I soon gave up on the conversation, as it was like holding a rational discussion with a Creationist convinced that the Earth came into being 6,000 years ago.

    On the other hand, some (small “c”) conservatives – not Kenney himself – engage in their own half-truths as well. For instance, many insist that honour killing is a “Muslim thing.” This is partially true: a number of honour killings have taken place in countries with an Islamic majority as well as among Muslims in Western nations, including Canada (famous example: Aqsa Parvez). Even here at home, however, such murders, or attempted murders, have also been reported among Sikhs and Hindus, like a Sikh woman in British Columbia who was killed by her father for dating a White man or a Sri Lankan girl in Toronto whose father tried to run her down with his van because she was involved with a man of another caste. Some right-wingers also lump in with “honour killings” acts that would more properly be called crimes of passion. One such crime of passion was the murder of Aasiya Hassan by her husband, a television executive in Buffalo, New York, after she told him she wanted a divorce. Though Muzzamil Hassan’s motives and actions do not seem that dramatically different from, say, those of Windsor, Ontario physician Dr. Marc Daniel, who fatally stabbed his ex-wife at the hospital where they worked, the former man’s Islamic religion immediately caused his deed to be slotted in the honour killing category.

    Still, I have to admit that the Left’s – with exceptions of course, like Olivia Chow – approach to honour killings bothers me more than that of the right. Some supposedly progressive commentators have even expressed sympathy for “honour killers.” For instance, Toronto Star columnist Jim Coyle said that rather than condemnation, the parents of Aqsa Parvez, the Mississauga teen killed by her father and brother allegedly for refusing to wear the hijab, deserve “all the comfort they can get” in their troubled time. Their only fault, according to Coyle, was “caring too much of what other people thought.” Conservative commentator Ezra Levant immediately shot back and asked whether Coyle would have commiserated with Karla Homolka over the death of her sister Tammy. A better question, in my view: would Coyle have had even a glimmer of sympathy for a white-bread Anglo-Saxon man I knew who disowned his daughter for marrying a Black man? While genuine racism undoubtedly played a role in my acquaintance’s reaction to his daughter’s marriage, he very likely was motivated as well by “What would the neighbours say?” My semi-educated guess is that no, Coyle would not have had any sympathy for this man – even though the man did not, as far as I know, even try to physically assault his daughter.

    Finally, people like Jim Coyle, or even those who deny the essential truths about honour killing (that it doesn’t occur in mainstream North American society, for example), make me wonder whether the Left is really the friend of women it has always purported to be. At times it seems that their solidarity with women gets short shrift when it clashes with other tenets, like a misguided notion of multiculturalism. I am not even saying this out of self-interest: the victims of honour killing are not White women like me or my family members but some of the “women of colour” that multiculturalists and other leftists claim to defend.

    Jason Kenney has won the public opinion battle so far, at least for now. But we can be sure more is yet to come.

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