First Deadline for Hoeppner’s Bill C-391

September 22, 2010.

That’s the date Parliament will vote on Liberal MP Mark Holland’s motion that the Public Safety Committee “does not proceed further with Bill C-391”.

That is also the deadline for talking to your MP and demanding they vote AGAINST that motion, so that Bill C-391 can come to the floor of Parliament and get voted on, without more Liberal antics.

Liberal MP Mark Holland and the Opposition-dominated Public Safety Committee recently passed a motion to report to the House of Commons that the committee “does not proceed further with Bill C-391.”  If the motion in the House of Commons is successful, the Liberal-led Opposition coalition will have succeeded in killing C-391.

That just can’t be allowed to happen.  Not when the bill has already passed First and Second reading with ease.  Mark Holland’s motion is a slimy, back-door tactic, nothing more. Liberal leader Michael Ignatief is looking for any way out of forcing his MP’s to vote his will over the will of their constituents.  Holland’s motion gives him that way out.

Katey Montague, daughter of firearms activist Bruce Montague, recently released another video on her YouTube channel, this time directed at Michael Ignatief and his public stance on C-391, and his threat to “whip the vote”.  In her video on Bill C-391 she details exactly what Ignatief’s proposed changes to the Firearms Act really mean, and what Canadian gun owners can do to stop him.

“It’s really simple”, Katey said in a recent interview.  “Contact all the opposition MPs that voted FOR Bill C-391 on second reading and ask them to do so again when it comes up for third reading.  But first, ask them to vote AGAINST Liberal MP Mark Holland’s motion on September 22nd.”

Her website, lists all the contact information for every opposition MP that voted for C-391 on 2nd reading, making it easy for gun owners to do exactly that.

Manitoba MP Candice Hoeppner recently launched her own website to promote her bill and dispel some of the myths surrounding the gun registry. cites some really interesting facts that dispel the most repeated of the pro-registry myths, such as “Computer activity does not denote usage. Of the 11,086 computer hits per day in 2009, 7,653 were for a name, 2,842 were for addresses, but a mere 19 were checking a registration certificate…of all types! The vast majority were due to hits automatically generated by a system designed to produce impressive statistics from irrelevant inquiries.”

Like Katey Montague, MP Candice Hoeppner urges everyone who lives in the ridings of the opposition MPs who previously voted for Bill C-391 to contact their MPs again and ask them to vote the will of their constituents, not their party leaders.

Vote NO on Mark Holland’s motion on September 22nd. That’s the first priority.

Then vote YES on Bill C-391 when it comes up for Third Reading in Parliament.

Only then will we be able to stop wasting over a hundred million dollars every year, with absolutely no public safety benefit.

Unless you think the recent shootings in downtown Toronto were lessened by the useless gun registry.  :)

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