Monumental stupidity orphans child, murders cop

An unidentified man decided his monumentally stupid plans were worth the lives of three people, and have left a baby orphaned in New York State.

Poughkeepsie Police Chief Ron Knapp, deeply affected by the pointless murder of one of his veteran officers, released a statement yesterday.  An 18-year veteran was shot and killed by a man who had murdered his wife earlier in the day, then when he was confronted by police, decided that killing a cop was somehow a good idea.

In what was apparently a domestic dispute gone horribly wrong, the man had a three-year-old child in his arms shortly before he shot and killed the police officer, and then was killed himself.

Permanent solutions to temporary problems really piss me off, especially when they cost the lives of decent human beings like this 44-year-old officer.

Officers responded to a report of gunfire at about 1 p.m. and one saw the man leaving the scene with a child in his arms and thought the man had been involved.

When the officer tried to confront him, the man ran away, Knapp said. The officer caught the man, took the child from him and handed the toddler to a bystander. It was during that second confrontation that the 44-year-old officer was shot.

No names have been released yet.  The slain officer’s family had not been notified yet, and Chief Knapp wasn’t about to have them learn of the officer’s death on TV.

The names of the murdered woman and the idiot who murdered her have also not been released yet.

Can you imagine being the child?  Growing up after watching your father murder your mother, then a cop, and then was killed for his monumental act of stupidity?

Nope… me neither.

I’ll be posting an update to this story when I know more details about who the murdered officer is, and the events surrounding the tragic decision by one loony man that’s left a child orphaned.

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