Trudeau Hypocrisy #737 – “Carbon Offsets”

This week we learned our condescending Prime Minister uses 2 airplanes to criss-cross the nation during the 2019 election campaign. Worse, we learned he did the same thing in 2015.

“Despite marching in climate strikes, lecturing everybody else on lowering emissions and imposing a carbon tax on hard-working Canadians, Justin Trudeau and the Liberals are secretly using two aircraft to campaign in this election,” the Conservative Party said.

Trudeau’s response?

“Unlike the Conservatives, Liberals know climate change is real. We are offsetting emissions related to our travel during #elxn43.”

One tweet to shame everyone else while taking no responsibility for his own behaviour.

Sound familiar?

Trudeau preaches incessantly of the need for “mere citizens” to lower our emissions, yet our national embarrassment of a prime minister says it’s totally okay for him to pollute, so long as he paid off the right people.


The problem we face is people actually believe the nonsense he spews with such condescension.

The pollution created by Trudeau’s planes doesn’t miraculously vanish because he paid a bunch of money to a wealth transfer scheme, for that’s what his so-called “carbon offsets” are – a way to funnel money to Trudeau-approved corporations.

It’s not an environmental plan.

“Not only is Trudeau running with two aircraft, his second plane is by far the highest-emitting aircraft in the campaign. The Boeing 737-200 burns through a staggering 975 gallons of jet fuel an hour. His official branded plane burns between 800 and 850 gallons an hour,” the Conservative press release said.

You can’t purchase a clean conscience, nor can you purchase a clean planet.

If you want a clean conscience, you must change your behaviour – something Justin Trudeau has long demanded of the rest of us while he does whatever he pleases.

He’s Canada’s very own walking, talking, embarrassing definition of hypocrisy.

“It’s always the same with this guy. He’s always very quick at giving lessons and lectures and sermons about how everyone else should live their lives, but when it comes to his own personal behaviour, he’s a complete hypocrite.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself, Andrew.

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