Quebec’s Human Rights Tribunal’s Latest Nonsense

Some people just can’t comprehend historical significance.  They also can’t comprehend that just because they disagree with something, it doesn’t make it a bloody human rights violation!

That, naturally, didn’t stop the Quebec Human Rights Tribunal from issuing another absurd ruling, this time against the city of Saguenay and its mayor, Jean Tremblay.

The tribunal has ordered Tremblay and the city to pay Alain Simoneau, the yahoo who complained, $30,000 for his hurt feelings.  They’ve also ordered the city to remove all religious symbols from City Hall.

Of course they did.

Can’t have those darned Christians (who really cares what denomination!) actually saying prayers in City Hall.  That’s just so… offensive!

What’s offensive is that people of faith continue to be persecuted by human rights tribunals that seem intent on ensuring that nobody hears the word “God”, no matter the context.

I hope Mayor Tremblay tells the human blights tribunal to pound sand, and Simoneau and his hurt feelings along with them.

Man, if I could get 30 grand every time someone hurt my feelings… hmmm… maybe I’m looking at this all wrong.  Maybe I should go find a human rights tribunal to complain to.  Surely someone has done something that I find offensive recently.

Oh… wait… that would be the human rights tribunals themselves… darn.  So much for the easy money.

Quebec’s Provincial Immigration Minister Kathleen Weil, however, is to be commended for her stand on the issue.

She doesn’t care what the Quebec Human Rights tribunal wants to dictate regarding religion.

Speaking through an aid, she reiterated that the crucifix inside the National Assembly is part of Quebec’s “historical heritage.”

To that I say only one thing.  Amen.

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