Climate Barbie’s $12 Million Gift to Loblaws


Can’t you just hear Catherine McKenna’s shrill voice grating on your ears?

How dare mere citizens question the wisdom of handing $12 million to a company who posted an $800 million profit in 2018? Obviously, this is a company in dire need of government cash because it can’t afford refrigerators.

Nobody is buying Climate Barbie’s nonsense, especially when this company ripped off Canadians for 14 years by price fixing bread.

It’s no surprise McKenna can’t understand the outrage expressed by Canadians.


It’s no surprise McKenna refuses to comprehend our outrage. She refuses to open her eyes to the logic disconnect so obvious to the rest of us.

She grudgingly doles out a few hundred dollars to Canadians to buy our support (after first stealing it from our wallets through her carbon tax) but happily dumps a truckload of taxpayer cash at the front doors of one of Canada’s most profitable corporations.

“Here they are using climate change as an excuse to give their rich friends money they don’t need,” said NDP MP Niki Ashton.

“Why is it always the wealthy and well-connected that get handouts from these Liberals?” asked Conservative Environment Critic Ed Fast.

You’ll be shocked to learn the Liberal government’s mouthpieces offered no credible answer.

In what was surely a coincidence, McKenna leaked her grossly manipulative “climate report” to the government’s official propaganda arm, CBC, on the same day her hated carbon tax came into effect in four provinces.

“The country is warming twice as fast as the rest of the world!” shrieked state-funded Rosemary Barton, dutifully parroting the “Headline Statements” [PDF] of “Canada’s Changing Climate Report.”

If you only read those talking points, you’ll come away fearing Canada will soon be the temperature of Hell itself.

A few years ago Climatologist Lennart Bengtsson pointed out one of those inconvenient facts that makes McKenna’s hair stand on end.

“The warming we have had over the last 100 years is so small that if we didn’t have meteorologists and climatologists to measure it we wouldn’t have noticed it at all.”

For daring to point out the truth, Bengtsson was shredded by climate change acolytes the world over. When he defended himself, they doubled down on their efforts to ruin his reputation.

“They’ve threatened him. They’ve bullied him. They’ve pulled his papers. They’re now going through everything they can to smear his reputation. And the ‘they’ I’m referring to is the global warming establishment,” said ClimateDepot’s Marc  Morano.

Look for Catherine McKenna and her global warming acolytes to do the same to Canadians who dare express any opinion other than the one approved by the Minister.

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