Senator Marilou McPhedran’s History With Coalition for Gun Control


If you believe her actions warrant filing a complaint with the Senate Ethics Commissioner, read this first:


Added: link to documents showing dates quoted; McPhedran and Wendy Cukier both served on Firearms Advisory Committee together.

If you watched the hearings on Bill C-71 and wondered why Senator Marilou McPhedran is so rabidly anti-gun, it’s only because you don’t know her history.

She used to work with the Coalition for Gun Control.

According to archival records, her work with the Coalition started in 1996 and continued from 2000 thru 2002.

McPhedran was also a member of the Firearms Advisory Committee of the Canadian Firearms Program from 2003 to 2005, alongside Coalition for Gun Control president Wendy Cukier. While Marilou McPhedran was not officially representing the aims of the Coalition for Gun Control, she pushed for them at every opportunity.

Both McPhedran and Cukier were appointed under the Liberal government of Jean Chrétien. The 2003 Commissioner of Firearms Report confirms their membership in the Committee. Both women were dropped from the committee in 2006 after Stephen Harper became Prime Minister.

York University archives list McPhedran as “a Canadian feminist lawyer, consultant and activist.”

With her background in view, it’s no surprise she’s pushing so hard for a national ban on handguns. It’s straight from the Coalition for Gun Control playbook.

It’s also no surprise why she’s willing to, well, I can’t say “lie”, but I can say grossly distort and misrepresent the facts about licensed firearm owners.

Like her friends and past co-workers at the Coalition for Gun Control, she views all gun owners as sub-humans who must be stripped of their private property immediately.

Why government officials and anti-liberty advocacy groups use a murdering terrorist with illegally-possessed guns and ammunition as the reason why we must ban lawfully-owned property from government safety-trained, RCMP-vetted, background-checked, licensed gun owner still baffles me.

What baffles me even more is why nobody else an issue with this ridiculous justification.

The Danforth Killer broke every law on the books with respect to firearms.

Remarkably, we are blamed for the heinous actions of this scumbag and every one like him.

This is why it is incumbent upon all of us to put forward real, rational and effective solutions to criminal violence, no matter what tool is used.

We’re already “at fault” according to the mainstream media, advocacy groups who hate our culture and way of life, and a government that views us as pawns in their re-election scheme.

Nicolas Johnson ( and I are hard at work on a book that will help stop the latter.

More on that project shortly…


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