Wendy Cukier Says I’m a Violent, Anti-Semitic, Islamophobic, Right-Wing Extremist Who Hates Women

Who’s going to break the terrible news to my wife?

“The same people who are writing about their opposition to gun control are writing about their opposition to immigrants, their hatred of Muslims, of Jews, of women and so on.”

Wendy Cukier didn’t miss a beat when she danced in the blood of 50 slain New Zealand Muslims. She immediately smeared anyone who disagreed with her strident calls for more “gun control” as violent racist misogynists.

“There’s no question both from the data, the research, the evidence and also my personal experience that there are clear overlaps between the extreme elements of the gun lobby and right-wing extremists”

She is as manipulative and disingenuous as she is a smart tactician.

Her statement is true, sort of, but that’s not her point. She’s interested in taking away guns from people who don’t commit crimes, not the ones who do.

The correct question to ask, and the one Wendy Cukier will never ask, is this:

When governments issue firearm licences to future mass murderers, as is the case in both Canada and New Zealand, did the licensing and background check system fail?  If so, how do we fix it?

Wendy is not interested in fixing a flawed or broken licensing system.

Instead, she calls licensed and RCMP-vetted gun owners nasty names and dares us to defend ourselves. Attack us again if we do. Hardly surprising. She has a long history of bullying anyone who disagrees with her.

Her intention is to smear anyone who opposes her “gun control” agenda as right-wing extremists and she’s thrilled to call us violent racist misogynists to do it.

Wendy’s goal is never to solve the problem, it’s always to ban more guns.

She suffers from a critical disconnect from reality. She can’t imagine good, decent Canadians can oppose her agenda. Anyone who does is, must be, a violent racist misogynist.

Millions of Canadians have good reason to oppose bad gun laws. Focusing on the tool instead of the person committing the crime will never, ever solve the very real issue of violence in our society.

Addressing the fundamental causes of why someone chooses violence as their means of expression will, but she’s not interested in solving the root issues of violence and crime.

Those, like Wendy Cukier, who are oh-so-willing to dance in the blood of the dead to advance their misguided and ignorant political agendas, believe they are above reproach. They attack anyone who disagrees.

We’re not “allowed” to discuss the issue, presumably because we’re nothing but a bunch of violent racist misogynists.

I wouldn’t care, really, but people like Wendy keep insisting I believe their nonsense and live my life the way they see fit.

That’s not how it works.

I can live my life any way I choose, within the confines of our social compact. If I violate it by taking a baseball bat, a knife, my fists, or anything else to hurt another person, yes, including a gun, then I should pay the price and be held accountable for my actions.

But I haven’t done any of those things, so why am I being scapegoated for the actions of some lunatic who believes murdering people is the best way to solve a problem?

It’s a question nobody will answer. They’ll just say I’m a murder-in-waiting simply because I own a gun or two.

Wendy’s three decades of attempting to strip peaceful people of their legally-owned property apparently upset some licensed Canadian firearm owners and they expressed their displeasure with her antics directly to her.

Here’s a thought.

Stop abusing people who don’t cause problems, Wendy, and maybe, just maybe, they’ll stop verbally abusing you.

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