Common Sense FINALLY invades Clarington, Ontario, City Hall

Marta & Lech Jaworski

You might remember the case of Marta & Lech Jaworski.  They’re the bed & breakfast owners in rural Ontario who let their son Peter use their property each summer for the past ten years to host a conference on freedom and liberty issues.

Well, last summer some unknown person or persons (the complaint was anonymous, naturally) complained about the event, which brought Clarington bylaw enforcement officers out to the Jaworski property, desperate to find some way to shut down the event.  Or at least they seemed pretty desperate to, anyway.

I originally wrote about this disgusting display of government abuse of authority in my piece “Bankrupting the Jaworski’s for Daring to Host a Freedom Conference”.

Clarington bylaw enforcement officers threatened Marta & Lech Jaworski with a $25,000 fine EACH, and left them a summons to appear in court.

The Jaworski family left Poland in the early 80’s to escape exactly this kind of abusive government, so it’s pretty ironic, if not downright repulsive, that this freedom-loving family sought to find that freedom in a country (or at least a province) that seems determined to squash Liberty at every opportunity.

What finally brought the [alleged] morons at Clarington City Hall to their senses?

The threat of a Constitutional Challenge to their ridiculous bylaw from Karen Selick, the Canadian Constitutional Foundation’s Litigation Director.

Suddenly they were willing to “see the light”, and the case was dropped.

I truly will never understand why the concept of Liberty is so threatening to governments at all levels of society.

I mean I understand governments all want control. I get that.  I just don’t comprehend WHY a thinking population terrifies them so much that they will stop and practically nothing to crush the Jaworski’s, the Montague’s and the Manzer’s of this world.

Here’s the link to Karen Selick’s video about the case being dropped thanks to the Canadian Constitutional Foundation’s intervention on the Jaworski’s behalf.

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