Federal Court Upholds Decision of Director of Public Prosecutions

SNC-Lavalin failed to get their way, even when Justin Trudeau personally delivered their request to former Attorney General Jody Wilson-Reybould. When their ham-fisted attempts at political interference bombed, the company challenged the authority of the Director of Public Prosecutions to refuse them a Deferred Prosecution Agreement (DPA) in court.

They lost that fight too.

Federal Court Justice Catherine Kane ruled against SNC-Lavelin‘s last-ditch attempt to avoid criminal prosecution for corruption.

“The decision at issue — whether to invite an organization to enter into negotiations for a remediation agreement — clearly falls within the ambit of prosecutorial discretion and the nature of decisions that prosecutors are regularly called to make in criminal proceedings.”

She also explained that decisions on how to prosecute a case are not subject to judicial review. This is a body blow to SNC-Lavalin. The criminal prosecution for corruption will now move forward.

Justin Trudeau’s credibility takes another hit, too, while Jody Wilson-Reybould’s credibility continues to climb.

For Trudeau, this must be incredibly frustrating.

Criminal Code amendments for a Deferred Prosecution Agreement framework, designed specifically for SNC-Lavelin’s case, were buried on page 528 of Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s 556-page budget bill.

What’s the point of burying Criminal Code amendments in the bowels of your budget if you can’t get your female Attorney General to play ball?

Jody Wilson-Reybould stood her ground against a vast array of Ottawa power brokers. She reviewed the decision of her Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), decided she made the correct call based on the facts of the case, and told the Prime Minister SNC-Lavelin would not be offered a DPA.

She would not play ball, no matter how much pressure the Prime Minister and his lackeys applied, and her principled stand cost Wilson-Reybould her dream job.

Justin Trudeau, our #FakeFeminist Prime Minister, fired her for refusing to be a “good little girl” and do what she was told. Turns out, the Old Boy’s Club is alive and well under our pretty prime minister and, in fact, he’s running the whole darned thing.

But he couldn’t even fire Wilson-Reybould properly. He grossly misjudged Wilson-Reybould’s character and integrity every step of the way.

When Gerald Butts, Lackey-In-Chief, called Wilson-Reyloud delivered the news she would be shuffled out of her current portfolio, she knew it was because she refused to kowtow to the Prime Minister’s will on SNC-Lavalin.

When Butts insulted her with the appointment to Minister of Indian Affairs, she politely declined, stating what was obvious to everyone but the arrogant frat boys in the PMO.

She would not administer the Indian Act, the very thing she fought against her entire life.

Butts was stunned. He could not understand. She was indigenous, for crying out loud!

How could anyone turn down a cabinet appointment by Justin Trudeau? Worse, what the heck would they do with her now?

By removing her as Attorney General, she was not out of cabinet entirely unless they could “find a solution.” Under no circumstances could they fire her from Attorney General but not keep her in Cabinet.

That wouldn’t play well in the media.

Justin Trudeau succeeded where he never expected, though, and I’m grateful for it.

He revealed his true character to the world. He peeled off the veneer of Canada’s First Feminist Prime Minister and showed us who he really is – just another arrogant trust fund brat with a grossly inflated sense of entitlement.

I never realized at the time, my book on Justin Trudeau’s character would be so prophetic. If you haven’t read it, I suggest you hop over to Amazon and grab a copy today. It’s both easy on your pocketbook and easy to read.

You’ll learn more than you probably want to know about our Prime Minister prior to casting your vote in Election 2019.



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