Katey Montague’s new video on the Ontario Govt’s Seizure of Family Home

Katey Montague, the daughter of former Ontario gunsmith Bruce Montague, has just released another video update on the decision by the Ontario Government to steal the Montague family home using Ontario’s Civil Remedies Act.  This is legislation that was supposedly to be used against drug dealers and organized crime, but is now being used against ordinary citizens the government wants to “make an example of“.

Bruce Montague dared challenge the constitutionality of Canada’s Firearms Act, and was ultimately unsuccessful in his bid when the Supreme Court of Canada refused to hear his case.

Bruce’s daughter Katey has been making videos about the absurdity of Canada’s gun laws and how they are used to abuse ordinary Canadians.

Now that the Ontario government is using another abusive law against her family, she’s fighting back.  Katey is not one to take this sort of abuse lightly, and thankfully, is a well-spoken and intelligent young woman who makes her points very clearly.

Please watch this video, and then share it with everyone you know.  If you’re even remotely like me, watching Katey tell her story will send chills down your spine.

It is only by exposing the corrupt and abusive way our government is using laws like this to crush ordinary Canadians who dare speak their mind, that we stand any chance of stopping the kind of abuse of power.

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