Why #FakeFeminist Justin Trudeau Must Not Resign

I believe Justin Trudeau must not resign.

Surely this is heresy spewing from my keyboard, right?

Hear me out.

Conservative leader Andrew Scheer called for Trudeau’s resignation within an hour of Jody Wilson-Reybould’s nuclear explosion before the House of Commons Justice Committee on Feb 27.

While it makes for great political theatre, I doubt even Andrew Scheer seriously wants Trudeau to resign. I think the plan is to force Trudeau to double down on his position, no matter the cost to himself or the Liberal Party of Canada.

Both the scenery behind him and his answers made one thing clear.

This is the electoral hill Justin Trudeau will die on.

Last night our #FakeFeminist Prime Minister trotted out Rachel Bendayan, Outremont’s new Member of Parliament, like the stage prop she was and showed her off. All that was missing was a pirouette.

Then he refused to show his face in the House of Commons, forcing House Leader Bardish Jagger to stand and defend her  leader while he cowered out of reach of opposition MPs and reporters alike.

This should disgust everyone, including those who voted Liberal in 2015.

Should Justin Trudeau resign immediately?

No. Absolutely not.

Justin Trudeau is the very best advertising for a change of government in #Election2019.

I think it’s great to put pressure on him, but imagine this scenario.

Justin Trudeau accedes to opposition demands and resigns.

Who takes over?

Jodi Wilson-Reybould won the Liberal Party leadership race yesterday afternoon. No, there was no official race. But she won that race, regardless. After her stellar performance before the House Justice Committee and the entire nation, who could beat her? Who else has the credibility, the integrity, the unmitigated gall to speak truth to power?


If they forced the party membership to vote, she would win in a landslide. If they acclaim her as leader, nobody would question the decision. Not after the Prince of Feminism, Justin Trudeau, tossed her under his #FakeFeminism bus and then drove over her.

Back to my point.

Trudeau resigns and Jody Wilson-Reybould takes over as leader of the party and temporary, albeit un-elected, Prime Minster.

Canada’s first Indigenous woman Prime Minister. Her childhood dream come true.

Canada will be governed by the Liberal Party of Canada for decades.

We ought to be extremely careful what we wish for….we just might get it.

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