#ClimateBarbie Catherine McKenna Proves Critics Right – AGAIN

Most people learn from their mistakes. Not Catherine McKenna, our illustrous Minister of Climate Change. She continues to tweet and prove her critics correctly nicknamed her #ClimateBarbie.

It seems McKenna doesn’t know China is the world’s largest carbon polluter.

It seems McKenna doesn’t know China is building 700 NEW coal-fired power plants.

It seems McKenna believes she is China’s Minister of Tourism.

It seems McKenna is unaware of China’s atrocious human rights record, or that the Great Wall was built to keep people OUT of the country, not as a tourist destination.

It seems McKenna is unaware she flew 10,444 carbon-emitting kilometres, dumping the roughly 620,000 pounds of CO2 into the atmosphere, all to post a moronic tweet.


And she wonders why people continue to call her #ClimateBarbie.

This is right up there with her tweeting a photograph of puffins for #WorldPenguinDay.

And she wonders why we continue to make fun of her…

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