CBSA launches new mobile app for customs declarations

Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) just launched a mobile app to provide a paperless option for declaring any goods you may be bringing back into the country. The mobile app does not collect any personal information, but using a QR code, links your eDeclaration to your passport when you reach a primary inspection kiosk at an airport.

It won’t help travellers crossing the border by vehicle, though, and the app can only be used at five major airports, although they plan to add more in the near future. Currently, the only airports set up to handle the CBSA eDeclaration mobile app are Ottawa, Vancouver, Toronto Pearson International Airport Terminal Three, Edmonton, and Halifax.

The CBSA website touts the app as quick, simple and secure, storing only non-sensitive information. It lets you create a declaration of up to five people with the same primary residence and can reduce your processing time at the primary inspection kiosk by up to 50%.

If your return trip from outside the country lends you at any of the five airports listed above, you may want to check out the CanBorder eDeclaration the mobile app before you travel.

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