Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair caught Lying to Parliament?

It sure looks like it in this YouTube video.  The classic quote from this [alleged] fibber :

“I have not seen any Police using excessive force.”

I guess he should open his eyes next time he’s “viewing” videotape from the G20 protests.  That’s the only reason I can fathom for this yahoo to claim there was no cases of excessive force.

If police forces across Canada want to be taken seriously and to have the public view them with anything other than contempt and skepticism, they really ought to get rid of self-serving [alleged] lyers like Toronto Police Services chief Bill Blair.

One of the commenters on this video said:

Lie to parliament, lie to? the people. The police clearly do not feel they are accountable to anyone, and they can do what they want. It is time to realize we are living in a police state. Welcome to IRAQ.

That’s one thing that seems pretty clear about Bill Blair: He’ll say anything to get himself off the hook.

The way Canadian politics goes, he’ll be taking over from Michael Ignatieff as Liberal Leader any time now…

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