Crybaby Colin Kaepernick Files NFL Grievance

Just when you and I thought the NFL protests against the national anthem couldn’t get any stupider, along comes Colin Kaepernick to prove us wrong.

Like a little crybaby, Colin Kaepernick continues to whine and snivel about how mistreated he is. He fails to comprehend his unemployment is directly related to four things, not the least of which are his own choices:

  1. Colin Kaepernick opted out of his contract with the San Francisco 49ers in favour of free agency (instead of being cut from the team).
  2. His lack of playing ability,
  3. his insistence, once he lost his gamble on free agency, that is somehow persecuted because of colour, and finally
  4. the neverending baggage of controversy he carries because of his disrespect for the American flag.

Colin Kaepernick gambled on free agency and lost. Nobody held a gun to his head. That choice was Colin Kaepernick’s alone.

Responsibility for the decision rests with Colin Kaepernick alone, not with the NFL, and not with NFL team owners.

That’s the thing about crybaby millionaire Kaepernick. He refuses to take responsibility for his actions; a foundational character flaw in the man.

Rather than take responsibility for his actions, he whines and complains to anyone who will listen he is somehow persecuted for his beliefs or because of racism.

He landed one of only 32 jobs in the world for starting quarterbacks in the NFL. For his last three years with the 49ers (here his production declined every single year) he received a massive $39.4 million in compensation.

Yeah, that’s some persecution.

He couldn’t deliver. That is why he’s unemployed, not because of racism or protests or anything else.

Cork Gaines, writing in Business Insider, explains it perfectly in his column “Colin Kaepernick received less than one-third of his ‘record’ $126 million contract.”

To make matters worse, Kaepernick was supposed to get his first large salary ($12.4 million) during the 2015 season. However, because of the way the contract was worded, that salary actually went down to $10.4 million. Kaepernick’s salary went down $2 million each year if he was not named first- or second-team All-Pro, or if the 49ers didn’t play in the Super Bowl the previous season with 80% of the snaps taken by Kaepernick. None of those things happened.

Kaepernick eventually restructured his contract during the 2016 season, turning the 2017 season into a player option. Knowing that the 49ers were going to release him later in the summer, Kaepernick opted out of his contract in early March hoping to take advantage of becoming a free agent earlier and having more time to secure a new contract.

The entire Colin Kaepernick “controversy” is garbage. Complete and utter garbage. As Gaines said, rather than be cut from the team because of his lackluster performance, Kaepernick opted for free agency.

The responsibility for his predicament rests entirely on his own shoulders.

If only Kaepernick would man up, maybe he could land a job. So long as he continues to whine and cry like a three-year-old girl, no team in the world will touch him, and nor should they.

So long as he continues to whine and cry like a three-year-old girl, no team in the world will touch him, and nor should they.

Owners want men to lead their teams, not crybabies.  Hopefully Colin Kaepernick will learn that lesson, but I won’t hold my breath waiting.

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