Is Westminster Police Department officer Curtis Arganbright a Sexual Predator?

Bad cops are the exception, not the rule, thank God. Police, more often than not, band together behind the Blue Wall fo Silence when police officers commit crimes. That’s not the case with Westminster Police Department officer Curtis Arganbright, 40, arrested and charged with sex assault by force, sexual assault by someone in a position of authority and false imprisonment.

These charges stem from an alleged sexual assault by Curtis Arganbright while on duty, making the offences even more heinous. According to a Broomfield Police Department press release, the police agency force called to investigate the allegations, the sexual assault took place Wednesday, August 24th between 1:00 – 2:00 a.m. at a location in the area of W. 144th and Zuni Street, within the City and County of Broomfield.

“The alleged conduct described in this arrest sickens my soul. That it describes the conduct of an on-duty officer in my department has left me numb,” Westminster Police Chief Tim Carlson said.

Initially Curtis Officer Arganbright was put on administrative leave. Once police arrested him, Arganbright was suspended without pay.

Not only was Curtis Arganbright on duty at the time of the alleged sexual assault, his assigned task at the time was to take the woman home from the hospital. His job was to help her, not abuse her.

“This arrest has had a devastating impact on the honest, caring and professional men and women of the Westminster Police Department,” Westminster Police Chief Tim Carlson said. “Our police department has been rocked to its core.”

I’m grateful for Chief Carlson’s stand in this case. Instead of hiding behind the Blue Wall of Silence or worse, attempting to rationalize Arganbright’s behaviour, Chief Carlson immediately and unreservedly disavowed both the officer and his actions.

His swift and decisive action was praised on social media.

I hate to see such things happen but applaud both departments on their transparency in the matter,” wrote Barry Xavier.

“Thankfully, bad cops are an exception and not the rule,” wrote Donna Ahonen.

Westminster and Bloomfield have a great police force. Respectable and honorable men and women,” wrote Justin Carlson.

“One of few PDs that truly keeps its people in check. Thanks WestyPD for all that you do,” wrote Ryan C. Fowler.

“The impact on the victim in this case is something I can’t begin to imagine,” Westminster Chief Tim Carlson said. “Tending to her needs and the proper and thorough investigation in this case, and the prosecution of this case, remains a top priority for the Westminster Police Department and the Broomfield Police Department.”

If only the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) would learn from Chief Carlson. This is how allegations against police officers should be handled, not working hard to cover up their crimes and spin events for damage control.

RCMP… are you listening?

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