Justin Trudeau Slaps Constable David Wynn’s Widow in the Face

Updated: Added quote of wording from Bill S-217

Justin Trudeau metaphorically slapped Shelley MacInnis-Wynn across the face yesterday, then danced a jig on Constable David Matthew Wynn’s grave. He did so while Shelley MacInnis-Wynn was in Parliament, watching every disgusting moment.

Unbelievably, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau led the vote against proceeding with Senate Bill S-217.

S-217, dubbed “Wynne’s Law” in honour of murdered Constable David Matthew Wynn would have amended the wording of Section 515(10)?(c) of the Criminal Code make it mandatory for prosecutors to make judges aware “that the accused has previously been convicted of a criminal offence or has been charged with and is awaiting trial for another criminal offence.”

“[It’s] devastating, heartbreaking and even traumatizing because of the way our prime minister has treated this bill,” MacInnis-Wynn said in May.

Reprehensible is another word to describe Trudeau’s treatment of S-217.  It’s not surprising, though, given Trudeau’s penchant for putting the rights of criminals ahead of the rights of honest and decent citizens.

Because all outstanding charges and his long criminal record were not be admitted during his latest bail hearing, Shawn Rehn was released from custody and murdered Const. David Matthew Wynn at the Apex Casino in St. Alberta a short time later.

Had Shawn Rehn’s long criminal record and 30 outstanding criminal charges been admitted at his bail hearing, no judge in their right mind would have released him from custody.

That’s the issue Wynne’s Law sought to deal with.

When the Prime Minister of our nation sides with murderous criminals instead of our police forces, one must seriously wonder about Justin Trudeau’s character, or more specifically, his complete lack of one.

What’s in it for Trudeau? Why would he side with criminals over the brave men and women of our police forces?

I have no idea. Neither does MP Michael Cooper.

During the justice committee’s study on Wynn’s law, not one witness could provide a credible example of when it would be appropriate for prosecutors to withhold evidence of the criminal history of bail applicants, yet rather than fixing the loophole that cost Constable Wynn his life, the government is planning to leave it open, out of concern that bail hearings might be slightly delayed.
The bail hearing of Constable Wynn’s killer was a highly efficient one, but one with fatal consequences. Potentially adding a few extra minutes to some bail hearings is a small price to pay compared to the loss of Constable Wynn.

This decision utterly defies comprehension from any rational, thinking human being.

Clearly, Justin Trudeau is past his “best before” date. So are the other Liberal sheep who dutifully fell in line with the moronic and reprehensible decision of their leader.

Police officers across the nation are shaking their heads, wondering why their lives mean so little to their Prime Minister.

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