Did the NFA send a SECOND mailout to stolen CPC membership list?

Sunday afternoon I received, via email, a scanned copy of a second, yes, second NFA fundraising letter sent to the stolen CPC mailing list.

This new NFA fundraising letter starts off:

“There’s a big fight coming. You know it, and I know it.

Prime Minster Justin Trudeau is going to take away more gun rights.”

The female recipient of this latest NFA fundraising letter is not a gun owner. She is, however, a member of the Conservative Party of Canada. There is no rational explanation for how the NFA could contact her unless they posess a stolen copy of the Conservative Party’s membership list, as the party claims.

After receiving the first unsolicited NFA fundrasing letter she was upset, but believed the Cease and Desist letter issued by the Conservative Party of Canada to Sheldon Clare and Canada’s National Firearms Association would be the end of the matter for her.

Now she’s absolutely livid.

Her personal information was stolen by someone within the Conservative Party, then given or sold to the National Firearms Association, who has now abused her privacy a second time.

If you or someone you know has received this second NFA mailout, please contact me immediately.

A normal, rational human being learns from their mistakes. If you’ve screwed up and made the national news because of it, a normal person hides for a while and licks their wounds and, perhaps, apologizes.

Not Sheldon Clare, Blair Hagen or the Board of Directors of the NFA. They boldly go out and repeat the mistake.

What boggles my mind is how NFA President and CEO Sheldon Clare and NFA Vice-President of Communications Blair Hagen think there are no consequences for their actions. I simply do not understand.

I also do not comprehend what they think they gain by alienating the only political party that views gun owners favourably.

Nor do I comprehend how anyone can believe the NFA is an “effective advocate” for firearm owners when, through the NFA’s own actions, they’ve guaranteed no politician will ever take their phone calls again.

I’m dumbfounded.

The Conservative Party of Canada simply must take all legal actions possible to put an end to this blatant misuse of their private property.




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