NFA Membership Numbers – The Real Story

Update #2: There is still another autographed copy of my book available for any current NFA member who can provide the membership count or AGM documentation containing membership revenue for 2016 or 2017.

Update #1: Thanks to Jeff Young (soon to be proud owner of an autographed copy of my book) the NFA had approximately 11,366 members in 2013 and 13,197 members in 2014, based on $35/year per person.

Sheldon Clare touts the NFA as “Canada’s largest and most effective” gun organization and then adds the “fact” they have over 70,000 members as “proof.”

The NFA states the following information on their website:

“Become a member now and receive 6 bi-monthly issues of the Canadian Firearms Journal.”

That statement means only NFA members receive the magazine. They reinforce that fact on their membership application page. Under the heading of BENEFITS the very first item listed is this:

Canadian Firearms Journal Subscription

The magazine is for members only. Buying insurance from the NFA does not make you a member.  Purchasing a membership makes you a member.

When the NFA says they have “over 70,000 members” they are not telling the truth. They’re manufacturing numbers to inflate Sheldon Clare’s ego and deceive those who don’t understand the NFA plays fast and loose with the facts.

Now, I know there are a lot of very loyal NFA members out there and you probably want to cut off my head a la Kathy Griffin right now, but before you murder the messenger, I dare you to seek out the truth for yourself.

I challenge ALL NFA MEMBERS to ask Sheldon Clare and Blair Hagen how many magazines they produce.

I guarantee you they will not provide an answer.

Here’s why.

They only print enough  magazines for their paying members, plus an additional copy sent to each of our 338 MPS in Ottawa. My sources on Parliament Hilll tell me the NFA magazines are promptly dumped in the nearest recycle bin, unread.

The true number of magazines printed will not be 70,000.

It won’t be 50,000.

It won’t be 25,000.

It won’t even be 15,000.

In fact, if it’s over 10,000 I will be shocked.


Provide Proof of NFA Membership Count – Get a Free Book

I’ll give a free copy of my book, Justin Trudeau: 47 Character-Revealing Quotes from Canada’s 23rd Prime Minister and What They Mean For You” to anyone who can provide me a response from Sheldon Clare or Blair Hagen with proof of how many magazines they produce.

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