Attn: All CPC Members who received the NFA Mailout


If you’re a member of the Conservative Party of Canada and received an NFA mailout seeking donations and memberships, I urge you to do three things.

First, write to CPC headquarters immediately and express your displeasure with the theft of the CPC membership list and subsequent illegal use by the National Firearms Association.

Conservative Party of Canada
1720-130 Albert St.
Ottawa, Ontario K1P 5G4

Second, write to Industry Canada and lodge your formal complaint about the National Firearms Association. They are a registered Not For Profit corporation and must abide by the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Regulations and the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act and, of course, the law itself.

Corporations Canada
CD Howe Building
235 Queen St., Ottawa, ON, K1A 0H5

Third, file two complaints with the Privacy Commissioner of Canada. The first is to regarding the data breach of the CPC mailing list by one or more unknown thieves. The second is about the NFA’s unauthorized use of that stolen CPC mailing list.

Here is the pertinent information to file your complaint to the Privacy Commissioner regarding the NFA’s unauthorized use of the Conservative Party of Canada’s membership list:

Corporate Name                            Canada’s National Firearms Association
Corporation Number                     170198-3
Business Number (BN)                 888394640RC0001
Governing Legislation                 Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act – 2014-05-26

It is reprehensible that a group claiming to represent firearm owners would stoop to using a stolen membership list of the Conservative Party of Canada.

The Conservative Party of Canada delivered ia Cease and Desist letter to the NFA on June 5, 2015.

The party already publicly announced they know who the guilty party or parties are and will deal with them appropriately. If you believe, as I do, the person or persons responsible for stealing the Conservative Party membership list should face criminal charges for theft it is imperative that you make your wishes known to the leadership of the Conservative Party.

Should you believe, as I do, the Board of Directors and executive of the National firearms Association should also face criminal charges for possession of stolen property and profiting from that stolen property, then you should tell the Conservative party that as well.

Here is a sample letter to CPC Headquarters.  You may want to take this and put it into your own words before sending it off with your signature.,

As a loyal Conservative Party member, I am horrified that someone stole the CPC membership list and then handed it to the National Firearms Association. As one of those who received the offensive mailout, I respectfully request to know what is being done to resolve this issue.

Personally, I want the individual or individuals who stole the membership list publicly held accountable for their actions, including being charged with theft under Section 322 of the Criminal Code of Canada and. I would also like the NFA and its executive officers criminally charged under Section 394.1 of the Criminal Code of Canada for possession of stolen property.

I look forward to your detailed response about the resolution of this issue as soon as you are able to supply it.


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