Liberal Gift – A Giant Rubber Duck for Canada’s 150th Birthday

Ontario’s Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport, Eleanor McMahon, epitomizes Liberal stupidity and waste of taxpayer dollars.

Eleanor McMahon signed off on grants to pay for the majority of the $200,000 cost to bring the giant rubber duck to the Toronto waterfront for Canada’s 150th birthday celebrations.

Sadly, she’s not alone, as the Trudeau Liberals also kicked in your taxpayer dollars to fund this monstrosity.

Why a giant rubber duck? It’s been to New York, Beijing, Baku and Los Angeles so clearly it’s the thing to do amongst the elites who inhabit the Liberal Party, both federal and provincial.

Boot these Liberal Lemmings from office.

Ontario’s Liberal government is well past its expiry date.  While only in office for two years, our federal Liberal government proved it is past its expiry date in its first year, a record by any standard.

Ontario 150 co-producer Lea Parrell says, “people can’t wait for this duck to come” to Toronto.


Surely there is a better way to spend $200,000.

“Everyone seems really excited about it and happy,” said Lea Parrell, co-producer of the waterfront festival. “It’s such a silly little thing – it’s actually a silly big thing – but I think it’s brought a lot of pleasure to a lot of people.”

Silly is a good word for this wasteful spending.

Irresponsible is a better one.

“Kathleen Wynne’s recklessness has left Ontarians drowning in debt and the only life preserver she’s thrown taxpayers is an inflatable rubber duck with a $200k price tag,” said Ontario PC tourism critic Rick Nicholls. “This is just more quack economics from a tired Liberal party whose appetite for wasting taxpayer dollars is limitless.”

All the stupidity and waste finally made sense when I stumbled across this quote from Ontario 150 co-producer Lea Parrell.

“I think it’s a big draw for selfies,” she said.

If our Liberal Prime Minister and World Selfie King taught Canadians anything, it’s there is nothing more important than a selfie.

Happy 150th Birthday, Canada.






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