Jordan Peterson: It’s not safe to speak and it never will be

Professor Jordan Peterson made international headlines last fall for his staunch refusal to kneel at the feet of the Pronoun Police. That infuriated the intolerant ones, all of whom insist there can be only one opinion: theirs.  All others must be silenced.

Professor Peterson refused to be cowed by those “clouds of gnats” and stood his ground. Despite a 20+ year record of research grants, excellent research and a citation history other academic writers covet, Peterson lost his research grant as a direct result of his politically incorrect stance.

At the 2017 Manning Conference, Professor Jordan Peterson took part in a panel discussion on free speech. The full video is here, but what follows is a 7-minute excerpt where Professor Peterson makes his impassioned plea to stand your ground and speak the truth.

He’s brilliant.

If you love your right to free seech you’ll love this short video.  If you believe the only correct opinion is yours and all others must be silenced, well, you’ll like it a whole lot less.


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