BC Creates No Shooting Zones Thanks to Ignorant Shooters

When supposed law-abiding firearm enthusiasts refuse to police themselves, we can’t be surprised when government steps in to do it for us.  Worse, we have nobody to blame but ourselves.

It’s bad when governments crap all over gun owners for the crimes of drug dealers and criminal gangs.  It’s entirely another then for them to shut down recreational shooting areas because of ignorant gun enthusiasts and their atrocious and dangerous behaviour.

Thanks to moronic people shooting up everything in sight, leaving a garbage dump of spent shell casings in their wake and endangering the lives of others (intentionally or not is irrelevant), the BC government just shut down recreational shooting in the lower mainland of British Columbia.

Effective immediately, the Government of British Columbia shut down shooting “within 400 metres of select roads on non-municipal Crown land within the Fraser Valley Regional District.”

A map of the areas where shooting is restricted is available on the government’s website: http://www.fvrd.ca/assets/Government/Documents/NoShootingAreas.pdf

The CBC’s atrocious piece on “the notorious sport shooting hotspot of Stave Lake, BC,CBC Keeping Canada Safe: Guns in Canada 101, was filled with misinformation.  It also showed showed just how ignorant law enforcement is about the laws they enforce.

Worse, it showed all the garbage supposedly responsible shooters left behind.  Add to that the reports of people shooting up cars, cabins, signs and pretty much anything else they found and even responsible gun owners like me are horrified.

From the BC Government press release:

Simon Gibson, MLA for Abbotsford-Mission –

“I’m pleased I could advocate for this important issue on behalf of the Fraser Valley Regional District. These regulations will definitely make our rural communities safer, cleaner and just more pleasant to call home.”

Laurie Throness, MLA for Chilliwack-Hope –

“I want to thank the Fraser Valley Regional District, First Nations, and the RCMP for their work with the Province to implement these regulations that will help keep residents and outdoor enthusiasts safe.”

Marc Dalton, MLA for Maple Ridge-Mission –

“People come from all over the Lower Mainland to enjoy the Fraser Valley backcountry and these no shooting zones will help reduce safety risks for residents, hunters, and recreational shooters.”

Jason Lum, chair, Fraser Valley Regional District –

“It’s not unusual for homeowners to find bullet holes in their windows and cars, while hikers, campers, and boaters have reported near misses with target shooters. We look forward to working with the Province to ensure the continues to be a destination of choice for responsible outdoor enthusiasts, while cracking down on those who would choose to abuse and desecrate our wild places.”

Should gun owners be surprised that the BC government took this step?  Only if their heads are buried in the sand.

As strange as it will sound to those who read my commentaries regularly, I support this move.  I support the RCMP’s position on it, as well.

If we cannot behave responsibly someone will step in and ensure we do.

Collectively, it serves us right for we did it to ourselves.

How’s that for stupid?

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