Asking a Question in English is an Attack on French Language Rights

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I had no intention of revisiting this topic but as I wandered through the snow outside my mountain home I realized I missed the most important point of what Justin Trudeau said.

His first thought was not to say, 'Gee, you're right. I screwed up.  It was rude of me not to answer the question in English.'  His first thought was to attack anyone who dared question his elitist, Quebec-First beliefs.

Only the arrogant, self-serving hypocrite we call Prime Minister would view a question from an English-speaking Canadian as an attack on French language rights.  Yet that's precisely what he did on January 18th when questioned about refusing to answer an English Canadian's question in English.

"I also, uh, uh, understand, uh, the importance of, uh, of uh, speaking French, of defending the French language, uh, in Quebec and, uh, that is something I will, uh, l continue to do while, while respecting minority language rights, uh, across the country."

What an asinine statement.  He wasn't done though.  Our Prime Minister had more to say.

"I will always defend official bilingualism. I, uh, believe deeply in it, uh, but I also, uh, uh, understand, uh, the importance of, uh, of uh, speaking French, of defending the French language in Quebec and, uh, and that is something, uh, I will continue to do while respecting minority language rights across the country."

How in God's name does being rude, condescending and exclusionary equate to defending official bilingualism?  It is beyond the comprehension of any thinking Canadian, of that much I am sure.

What's worse, the media accepted that drivel.  Were it not for a walk outside in the snow I almost fell for his garbage.  That annoyed me to no end.

I don't know why I'm so surprised or why I'm so upset by this. It's Trudeau 101. I wrote an entire book about this man's antics. It's not like I don't know how he will deal with a situation.  I do. I know exactly how he will deal with every situation.

Justin Trudeau views every situation through the lens of Quebec sovereignty. Quebec first, Quebec foremost, Quebec always. That's Justin Trudeau's modus operandi.

It's no surprise he views an English speaking Canadian as inferior.  It's no surprise he views that Canadian's question in English as an attack on French language rights.  This is simply how the man operates.

Let us not forget that other most important thing, the Trudeau Brand. If all else fails, promote the Trudeau Brand.  Let your arrogance lead the way and everyone will fall in line.  Those who don't will pay the price.  Trudeau himself doesn't even need to lift a finger.

His good Liberal acolytes will take over and deal with any surviving opposition.

This is the hope and change Canadians voted for in 2015.  Praise God.  May He be merciful to us for we still must survive this idiot until the fall of 2019.

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