It takes a special kind of cop to steal from Crime Stoppers

It takes a special kind of cop to steal from Crime Stoppers. Senior Corporal Theadora Ross of the Dallas Police is exactly that kind of special cop.  For over five years Ross and another woman, identified by police as Malva Delley, [allegedly] fed bogus tips to the Crime Stoppers program and collected over $250,000 in reward money.

Good work, if yo can get it, I suppose.  You’d think a police officer would have more integrity than that.  God knows they should have more integrity than that, that much is certain.

This case does prove that old adage all over again though…  “power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

Senior Corporal Theadora Ross was the person in charge of taking anonymous tips, and for deciding which tips should be given cash rewards.  How very convenient.  And with no oversight, how incredibly ripe for fraud.

Sometimes though, all it takes is one person to expose corrupt cops like [alleged] thief Theodora Ross.  What brought little caper crashing down was a legitimate person who had given Crime Stoppers a tip.  That individual went to the bank to collect their reward, only to be told that someone had already been there and collected it using his secret number and password.

“The Dallas Police Department views her suspected activity as a major breach of public trust and fully supports the investigation of the incident and, given the investigation’s finding, follow-up prosecution,” the department said in a written statement Thursday.

No shit Sherlock!

The above quote is from MSNBC’s website, and a search of the Dallas Police Department website drew a blank when trying to find their press release on this case.

What’s sad about this case is that a 26-year veteran police officer would stoop to this.  Stealing from people helping solve crime.

Police the continent over have a hard enough time getting us citizens to come forward and help them without this kind of crap.

Granted, police services the continent over have brought that difficulty upon themselves, by and large, by their anti-freedom and rights-violating activities that are well-documented both here on this blog and elsewhere on the ‘net.

Cases like prosecuting Lawrence Manzer and Ian Thomson don’t exactly engender a feeling of helpfulness in the population, do they?

Thieving cops don’t help.

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