No Jail Time for Cocaine-Stealing Staff Sergeant Stuart Seib

Tonight as I searched for information on another RCMP case I stumbled upon the conclusion to the case of cocaine thief RCMP Staff Sergeant Stuart Seib.

I originally wrote about Staff Sergeant Seib back in January 2012 when he claimed the coveted #9 spot on the top 25 reasons to dump the BC RCMP.  That was, of course, before the BC Government renewed the RCMP policing contract.  For reasons I cannot explain I never did follow up on his case so I’m happy I stumbled upon its conclusion today.

I probably could have written the judge’s ruling for him given how judges rule on criminals with a yellow stripe down their legs these days.  Alas the good judge did not disappoint.

It doesn’t even come as a shock any more when RCMP criminals are protected and serve no jail time.  Had any mere citizen stolen cocaine from a police lockup and snorted it they would not be handled with such kid gloves.  No, they would serve a lengthy spell behind bars, just as they should.

Police who commit crimes ought to be held to a higher standard, not lower.  We expect more from the men and women who don the hallowed Red Serge.  Or at least we ought to expect more.  For reasons beyond my comprehension our judicial system does not see it that way.  Time after sickening time judges slap RCMP criminals on the wrist, simply say, “Bad dog” and release them back into society as if they’ve done no wrong at all.

Seib’s defense was, of course, to blame someone else instead of taking responsibility for his own criminal actions.  This time that someone else is that gremlin who has become the go-to bad guy for cops committing crimes, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD.

“You know, it’s something that police officers deal with all the time. And it’s only now, say in the last five to 10 years that we are hearing so much of post-traumatic stress disorder with police officers,” McDougall said.

We’re hearing so much about it with police officers because it’s the perfect scapegoat for cops who break the law and can’t stomach taking responsibility for their actions.   Strangely enough his lawyer, Neville McDougall, had the audacity to say precisely the opposite to reporters.

“He’s taken ownership of this right from the outset.  He’s happy to have this in his past as much as it is, and he’s happy to try to move on now with his continued counselling.”

I’m unsure how blaming his criminality on PTSD is taking ownership but then I’m not a fancy defense lawyer, nor do I play on on the Internet.

On the bright side Stuart Seib pleaded guilty to breach of trust and resigned from the RCMP.

On the dark side where are all the charges for theft and possession of stolen goods?

And the criminal record for his crimes?  He won’t have one.  The judge gave him a conditional discharge, meaning so long as he completes his community service and stays out of trouble for one year, it’s just like he never stole any cocaine at all.

How can that happen, you ask?  Easy. He was an RCMP member.

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