Islamophobia? Just More Media-Manufactured Nonsense

Islamophobia.  It’s everywhere and rampant if you listen to the main stream morons aka network news.  Irrational white people are terrified of Muslims for no good reason at all.

islam-is-a-religion-of-peace56272eNaturally we have to discount a great many things in order to transform that statement into even the most distant cousin of reality, don’t we?

Things like the dozens of Muslim thugs who film themselves cutting off the heads of infidels, the Muslim jackass who shot 11 cops in Dallas killing 5 last week or the Muslim idiot who drove a truck into crowds in France killing 83 and wounding dozens more just yesterday.

We certainly must ignore the biggie that got all this underway, namely the Muslim morons who hijacked planes and flew them into buildings in New York City in 2001.

So is fear of Islam and Muslims actually a phobia?

No. Not even close. Not even remotely close.

Islamophobia is a propaganda term (just like “assault rifle“) manufactured by the Left to make dismissing reasonable and rational fear permissible on a mass scale.

Here’s the definition of phobia from Webster’s Dictionary:

an exaggerated usually inexplicable and illogical fear of a particular object, class of objects, or situation

The Mayo Clinic defines phobia this way:

A phobia is an overwhelming and unreasonable fear of an object or situation that poses little real danger but provokes anxiety and avoidance. Unlike the brief anxiety most people feel when they give a speech or take a test, a phobia is long lasting, causes intense physical and psychological reactions, and can affect your ability to function normally at work or in social settings.

Is it “inexplicable and illogical fear” of a group of people when that group of people is responsible for all these terror attacks?   Is it “overwhelming and unreasonable fear” when a single religious group is responsible for hundreds and hundreds of rapes on a single night across Europe?

It’s not a phobia at all, is it, when the actions of a specific group of people under the name of their religion rape, torture and murder people across the globe.

No, it’s not.  That’s a real and rational distrust created by the very people who claim to follow a “Religion of Peace” while slaughtering daily in the name of their prophet.

Here in Canada we have a bill before the Quebec Legislature, Quebec Bill 59,  that would make insulting Islam a crime.

Salam Elmenyawi, in speaking to Bill 59 before Quebec legislators, said,

“I said that mocking and making fun of a religion, is unacceptable, is what I said.  To mock and insult your neighbour is not democracy.  It’s against what unites us.  This will not prevent radicalization. We must avoid mockery.”

The only way to prevent radicalization is to strip Quebecers of their Freedom of Speech?  To make Sharia Law on par with our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms?

Is this lunatic serious?

Deadly serious.  Salam Elmenyawi plays the victim card.

Christians are mocked and ridiculed every day across this great land.  Do you see Christians rising up to demand we be stripped of our Freedom of Speech?  Of course not. That would be ridiculous, or worthy of ridicule, wouldn’t it?

That Muslims, at least those represented by Salam Elmenyawi, are so thin-skinned they can’t handle someone saying things they don’t like… well, that sounds pretty darned un-Canadian to me.

“When we mock or ridicule a religion we go much further than we think. You mock me, you mock my wife, you mock the prophet’s mother.  There are people who don’t mind if their mother is insulted.  But me, if you insult the prophet’s mother you insult me.  You may insult me but not my religion.  It’s also great for the kids, they are proud.  If their pride is attacked our society will not be healthy.  If your intent is to protect people then, for a Muslim, if we attack his religion we attack him. You ignore an entire group of people.”

One Quebec legislator grasped the ridiculousness of the situation clearly, thank God!

If we concede to your request I will no longer be able to laugh at the Pope, no more jokes about religion, things like that, right?

Salam Elmenyawi neatly sidestepped the question and added his own veiled threat to top it off.  Shocking, right?

“A person who is alive can reply, of course. You can mock any religious personality you want but I speak only for prophets in the Bible and Qu’ran.  These are people from the past.  We can well laugh about other things. But instead of heading in that direction… you might laugh for a few seconds but you will have MANY PROBLEMS down the road.”

“Pride goeth before the fall.” Profound words proven true throughout history.  We’re going to pass legislation to silence Canadians because some teenager’s pride might be hurt?

Not only is that thought ridiculous (worthy of ridicule), it’s absurd (inconsistent with reason, logic or common sense).

Quebec Bill 59 if passed, will make criticism of Islam a crime.  How does such stupidity even make it before a legislature, let alone stand a chance of becoming law?

The answer is simple.

Political Correctness has ridden the Canadian Train right off the rails.

It will only get worse, mark my words.  (I can see the human rights complaint coming…)





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