Philandro Castile Shooting – Colion Noir absolutely nails it

The media fans the flames of racial division and then wonders in mock horror why bad shit happens.  Colion Noir absolutely nails it.

Tell the story of Shaneen Allen?  Why bother.  She didn’t shoot anyone.  Her dastardly crime was to tell the cop who pulled her over she was legally armed, albeit in the wrong state.  The prosecutor wanted to “make an example” of the mother of two because she posed such a danger to society.  How utterly absurd.

Tell the story of Josephine Byrd?  That would shine the light of truth on the Wilmington Housing Authority’s blatant hypocrisy, demanding tenants be unarmed and defenseless while refusing to do anything about the rampant crime and violence that is the hallmark of their buildings.  She had to fight all the way to the Delaware Supreme Court before her right to keep and bear arms was finally affirmed.

How dare a black woman living alone want a gun to protect herself!  It’s outrageous!

The mainstream media silence on her protracted battle in the courts for her right to defend herself?  That’s what’s outrageous.

Or how about Otis McDonald?  A black military veteran who fought Chicago’s handgun ban in court and WON?  Can’t tell that story.

In the city where 82 people were injured and 14 killed in a single holiday long weekend you’d think the right to defend yourself would make news but no, all those shootings sell a lot of ad space.  Can’t report on something that might kill the cash cow.

Yeah, Colion Noir nails it.

Will the media report on any of it?

Nope. Why bother?  It’s just a black man talking about gun rights.  There’s no story there.



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