Allen West: “For Progressives Truth Is Like Sunlight On A Vampire”

U.S. Army Lt. Colonel (retired) Allen West is all man.  Inside, outside, through and through. He’s been there and done that and speaks from experience.

Allen West has little tolerance for stupid people and even less for stupid politicians.  He was so hated by the progressives in Washington, DC that they rewrote the boundaries of Florida’s 22nd congressional district just to be rid of his relentless barrage of questions in Congress.

In reading West’s recent column on Obama’s many failures as President one line jumped out at me.

Obama is about to turn over to the next president an Afghanistan that’s gone backwards under his watch, just like Iraq — heck, just like the economy. No degree of spin can change those facts — then again, for progressives, truth is like sunlight on a vampire.

I literally laughed out loud. The naked and scathing truth expressed therein is perfect and undeniable.

Barack Hussein Obama. A complete and utter failure if you actually examine his record, something progressives are naturally loath to do.

From West’s article:

Failure, simply put, is when you set certain goals, and do not achieve them. That’s what we are facing when it comes to the foreign policy and national security strategy of one Barack Obama.

Here’s the pie in the sky, world of rainbows and unicorns individual who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize because some special kind of stupid folks embrace the philosophy of the participation trophy. And so came the soaring rhetoric and flashy smile that was supposed to just overpower the despots, dictators and deranged theocrats. Obama believed if he commanded it to be so, then it would be so — you know, now is the time that the seas stopped rising stuff.

Well, reality set in and Barack Obama has come to realize that the enemy has a vote, and they did not get his memo.


The mess Obama inherited is many times greater as is the US national debt.  As Mitt Romney famously said, brought to you by the letter “O” and the number “20 trillion.”

Current estimates project the debt when Barack Obama leaves office will be a whopping $21.2 trillion debt.   In just 8 short years this moron will have more than doubled the national debt of the United States.

That’s an awesome accomplishment.  And by awesome I mean a failure of epic proportion.

Mitt Romney made his statement 7 years ago.  At that time the US national debt already was colossal $10.6 trillion.  Today it is $19.3 trillion. And rising hundreds of thousands of dollars with each passing second.

Progressives, of course, call Obama the greatest president in history.  The truth, as Allen West’s sunlight on a vampire comment reveals,  is something quite different.

How Obama could double the US national debt in 8 years is truly mind boggling.

How the mainstream media can utterly ignore his colossal failure while promoting Hillary Clinton for Liar-in-Chief makes one reach for the barf bucket. Daily.




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