I Stand With Dallas Police

As of 2am Central Standard Time 4 Dallas police officers and 1 Dallas Area Rapid Transit officer are dead in downtown Dallas after snipers opened fire on them during a Black Lives Matter protest.

Police believe at least four individuals, I’ll call them deranged morons, coordinated their sniper attack to ensure maximum police casualties.  They clearly knew the route of the Black Lives Matter protest given their positions which, in my mind, makes me wonder all the more about how radicalized Black Lives Matter has become.

“Let’s Shoot Cops!”

When morons with guns decide to kill cops based on ten second sound bytes from highly politicized individuals and zero facts we’ve arrived at a very perilous time in history.

This is not a time for anyone claiming to be a “responsible gun owner” to blather on about how “these cops deserved it” or that “maybe this will finally bring about the change needed“, whatever that might mean.  It’s not a time to say folks are “fed up with government oppression” and “this is just what happens when you strap on your badge and gun.

That kind of asinine rhetoric accomplishes nothing other than to ensure we law-abiding gun owners are perceived as just another bunch of cop-hating assholes who can’t be trusted.  We don’t need that.

It’s also not the time to call out the good cops and demand the turn in the bad apples.  There will be plenty of  time for that conversation and many others, but not until after these vile murderers are apprehended and these slain officers are laid to rest with the honour they deserve.

No, this is the time to stand with our law-enforcement brothers and sisters and condemn without reservation the shooting and killing of police officers.

Now is also the time to commend Dallas Police Chief David O’Neal Brown and indeed the entire Dallas police force for handling this crisis in as calm and orderly fashion as they have while under enormous pressure and fear for their own lives.

I stand with the Dallas Police.  Do you?


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