Ottawa Police Constable Todd Sheppard Lies in Attempt to Defraud Store

Theiving Ottawa Police Constable Todd Sheppard

Ottawa Police Constable Todd Sheppard decided he wanted an expensive hiking bag but didn’t want to pay for it. It’s a classic case of a cop feeling entitled to someone else’s property.

The thing that bothers me most about this case is not that a cop felt he could defraud a store and lie about it when confronted on his illegal actions.It’s that he had the gall to do this while serving as an On Duty police officer.

That is unconscionable.

Then there’s the double-standard of how a thieving cop like Constable Todd Sheppard is dealt with, as  compared to how any mere citizen is treated after committing the same crime.

Any ordinary person pulling this stunt would face criminal charges.  Ottawa Police Constable Todd Sheppard did NOT face criminal charges because, let’s be honest, he is a cop.

It’s that disgusting double-standard I’ve written about so often before.

A police officer is supposed to uphold the law.  More than that he is supposed to be an example, a moral signpost if you will, for the rest of society.

Constable Todd Sheppard is neither.

He’s just another common thief who happens to wear a badge and carry a gun.

That ought to scare the shit out of my gun-owning Ottawa friends, since this guy currently serves as a firearms officer.


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