Hate Crimes Do Not Apply to White Victim rules Alberta Judge

Tamara Crowshief Hates White People

Hate crimes cannot be applied to white victims of violent crime.  The reason is simple: white folks are not a minority.

Does that sound as utterly retarded to you as it does to me?  Then you probably don’t want to read the actual Judge H.M. Van Harten’s reasons for sentencing in the case of R. v. Crowchief, 2016 ABPC 151.

The facts of the case, as the judge records in his ruling, are pretty simple and equally clear.

Tamara Crowchief, an aboriginal woman, yelled “I hate white people!” and then punched a white woman in the face so hard she knocked out a tooth.

But it’s not a hate crime.

Let’s reverse the races of victim and offender and see if it rises to the level of “hate crime” them, shall we?

A drunk white woman exits a bar and screams “I hate Indians” and then punches a native woman in the face so hard she loses a tooth.

My bet is the Crown has a slam dunk hate crimes prosecution.

If this sort of silly crap keeps emanating from judges across this nation it won’t be long before I’ll be locked in a cell for the dastardly crime of “speaking my mind“.

“Who does he think he is?  He can’t just say whatever he wants about court decisions, you know!”

“Where is the respect for the justice system?”

In the toilet where it belongs, actually.

“The offender said “I hate white people” and threw a punch.”

The above is direct from the written ruling in a paragraph the judge uses to justify ruling the case is not a hate crime.

“I am not satisfied beyond a reasonable doubt that this offence was, even in part, motivated by racial bias.”

Well, I suspect nothing will ever convince you then, Judge, since the offender readily admitted why she hit the white woman and it was entirely because of her skin color.

“The offender said “I hate white people” and threw a punch.”

Gee, the screaming insult and resulting punch seem pretty closely related, but what do I know about such things… I’m just a country redneck who doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut, right?


I’ve joked for years that I call everyone a “stupid white person” regardless of their race, creed or color for one simple reason.  White folks are the only ones I can insult publicly and repeatedly without going to prison or being hauled in front of a human rights tribunal.

I thought I was joking… turns out I was actually correct the whole time!

Guess I’ll have to change my trademark line to something else….  maybe drop the color out of it completely?

I hate stupid people.

Nah, the PC police will surely attack me for that one.  Can’t go around insulting provincial court judges like that and expect no consequences, right?

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