Official State Re-Education by Lemonade Stand Police “corrects” 5 and 7-year-old Ottawa girls

I thought the “Lemonade Stand Police” was an American phenomenon but this Canada Day I was proven quite wrong.  If it’s good enough for America it’s good enough for Canada, it seems, at least when it comes to attacking children for daring to be productive and self-sufficient members of society.

The two girls, Adela and Eliza Andrews, thought they were doing a good thing by selling lemonade to folks along Rideau Canal on a hot summer’s day and, at the same time, helping themselves.  The money they earned from their venture would have help pay for summer camp.

Ottawa’s Lemonade Stand Police quickly shattered that dream in what can only be described as an exercise in Official State Re-Education.

A man in Full State Regalia (i.e. flak jacket and sidearm) explained to the young girls and their father as condescendingly as possible that a permit was required to sell anything on National Capitol Commission lands.  The youths had Displeased The State by acting in a manner Contrary to State Interests, however inadvertently, explained the flak-jacketed thug.  He ordered them to shut down their illegal watering hole immediately or Face Further State Action.

Kurtis Andrews, father of the two entrepreneurial young girls, was none to pleased at his daughters being harassed by Armed Thugs of The State.

“I think that they need to relax a bit. I understand that they have to manage their properties but at the same time we’re talking about a five and seven-year-old raising money for camp.” 

Of course The Almighty State is correct in shutting down this illegal lemonade operation. You simply cannot be allowed to do what you please.

The Rules are quite clear on this.

“No person shall sell or offer or expose for sale any drink, goods or wares, or post or display any signs, placards, flags or advertising devices, or solicit subscriptions or contributions on or in any property of the commission without first obtaining permission in writing from the commission to do so.”

So Saith The Commandments of the National Capital Commission!

That these two young ladies would dare Offend The State horrifies me beyond measure and I’m so very grateful to The State and their Armed Lemonade Stand Police came along to “educate” the 5 and 7-year-old children appropriately.

God Help Us if people did not have The State and The Rules to save us from ourselves!

It is critical that we ensure children from the smallest age learn the most important lesson of all:

“The Rules Are More Important Than People.”


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