Media Deathly Silent when 13-year-old boy saves himself by shooting home invaders

Home Invader Lamar Brown Dead Accomplice Ira Bennett in Prison

The mainstream media is so predictable and so very pathetic.  They would rather see a 13-year-old dead on the floor of his home than report that the boy shot and killed one the home invaders threatening his life.

It sickens me.

This story should be on the national news every night for a week.

It isn’t even mentioned for one very disgusting reason: It doesn’t fit with the mainstream media’s anti-gun religious zealotry.

The mewling whelps of the media can only cry out when it suits their anti-gun agenda and admitting that guns save lives, especially when it’s their self-proclaimed holy grail “the children” who uses a gun to save his life, is utterly beyond them.

No, their murderous agenda means they cannot even mention this brave boy who did precisely what he had to in order to survive: He shot and killed the criminal attempting to break into his home and in so doing, scared off the other.

Lamar Brown, 31, died at Trident Hospital from gunshot wound.


Ira Bennett, 28, Brown’s accomplice in the foiled home invasion now faces charges of first degree burglary and possession of a weapon during a violent crime.  He undoubtedly will also face first degree murder charges since his accomplice was killed during the execution (yeah, I said it) of their crimes.

Their families will surely extol how virtuous these two career criminals were and that Brown didn’t need to die.

Uh huh.

What Lamar Brown didn’t “need” was to break into someone’s home and shoot at a kid.  His death lies squarely at his own two feet and nowhere else.  Had he not tried to break into this home he would not lay on a morgue slab right now.

His choice and he paid the highest price for his stupid decision.

Both men have extensive criminal histories.

Lamar Brown has numerous convictions for felony drug charges, unlawful carrying of a weapon, disorderly conduct and trespassing.

Ira Bennett has numerous convictions for assault with intent to kill, pointing a firearm at a person, burglary and drug convictions, including possession of a controlled substance, manufacturing and distributing a controlled substance and possession of marijuana.

While it appears nobody else will say it out loud I will report these two simple facts.

  1. The victim of this crime was a 13-year-old white boy.
  2. The two perpetrators of this crime were black males with extensive violent criminal records.

Is that racist?

Not even close.  It’s a statement of fact that will horrify the politically-correct who will  will undoubtedly demand I be sent to a government re-education facility to undergo “sensitivity training” or some such garbage.

This is a black-on-white violent crime and if you can’t cope with that reality then perhaps you should crawl back under your mamma’s skirts and cry a while.  I won’t shed a tear for either one of these degenerates.

My heart goes out to this 13-year-old boy who, by the actions of these two career criminals, was forced to take a life in the defense of his own.

Yours should to.

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