Leah McHenry, Canada’s First Lady of Celtic Rock and “Leah’s Tribe”

I love Celtic rock. Always have. What can I say… it speaks to something primal in my soul.  Yet when Celtic Rocker Leah McHenry sent me a friend request on Facebook a few years ago I was both intrigued and puzzled. Intrigued because I had never heard of her; puzzled because I didn’t know why a musician I’d never heard of would seek “Facebook Friendship” with a freedom-defending, gun-loving redneck writer like me.

Before accepting her Facebook friend request I checked out her personal page and discovered Leah was every bit the freedom lover I am.

Leah-sword-smallShe had read one of my articles posted on Facebook and that’s what prompted her to contact me. The article, about the RCMP abusing their privileges (not rights) again, was one Leah liked.  She told me later she “wholeheartedly agreed with the perspective of the article. When I realized it was coming from a fellow Canadian liberty-lover, I was interested in who this person was.

And so another internet friendship was born…

Leah’s passion is music, specifically symphonic Celtic rock in the spirit of Enya and Loreena McKennitt. If that appeals to you too then you owe it to yourself to check out Leah’s music (https://www.youtube.com/user/leahthemusic) .

One of my favourites is “Between Two Worlds”.  Her mastery of the piano in that piece utterly intrigues me.  But Leah is not just a piano player.  She’s mastered a range of musical styles; everything from heavy metal to folk, Celtic, pop, country and operatic styles.

At the time Leah and I became Facebook friends she was using IndieGoGo.com to raise money for an album she wanted to produce, “Kings and Queens”.  As she was a) a fellow Canadian, b) an awesome musician and c) raising money for a good cause I spent some time promoting her fundraiser.  I doubt she needed my help to reach her goal but I did manage to send some new fans her way, including my redneck brother up north, so that was fun.

Support Independent Music

Why am I promoting Leah McHenry’s music and her latest venture “Leah’s Tribe”?

A couple of reasons… but first and foremost because self-promotion is not something you should do alone.  :)

Celtic Symphonic Rocker Leah McHenryLeah is a gifted musician and a talented singer determined to make it on her own.  She uses every means at her disposal to reach her goals and simply doesn’t stop.  It would be so easy for her to give up on her dream, would it?  After all Leah is married and has 5 children, all of whom she home-schools. For most people that would be more than enough reason to give up the dream.   Not Leah.

I believe in supporting her spirit of determination to have it all: marriage, family and music career.

Leah McHenry is not signed to a record label, something that is both a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing because she maintains total creative control over her music, important for any artist, and a curse because financially it is very challenging.  To offset that financial challenge Leah has created a fan-focused website, Leah’s Tribe, which has two simple goals:

  1. to enable Leah’s fans to support her music career financially on a recurring basis, and
  2. to reward those fans with all kinds of perks, including all her music, exclusive videos, photos and social media events and anything else Leah can come up with.

Check out Leah’s music at the sites below and if you like what you hear at a minimum sign up for Leah’s email list. If you’re blown away by her musical genius then join Leah’s Tribe too.

At the very least you might find some music that you will, like me, really really like.


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