Conservative Gay Activist Milo Yiannopoulos Speaks Truth to Stupid Liberals

Now there’s a title that screams contradiction, right?

I know I live under a rock a lot of the time but I’d never heard of Milo Yiannopoulos until today.  Guess I just don’t get out much, since this guy is pretty darned popular with all sorts of folks… gay, straight, right and left of the political spectrum.

After listening to his speech in Orlando, Florida, in the wake of the Muslim Massacre of gay people at a gay night club I can certainly understand why.

This guy gets it.

He gets that the only person a “gun-free zone” protects is the murder.  He gets that “gun-free zones” guarantee…. GUARANTEE… the slaughter of dozens, contrary to what the Lunatic Left insist.

Milo gets that when someone is trying to kill you the police are nowhere to be found; that the duty is OURS to protect ourselves until police can arrive.

Had a single person been armed inside the “gun-free zone” that is The Pulse Nightclub in Orlando the Muslim terrorist would never have killed so many and would have met his Maker far sooner.

And Milo Yiannopoulos makes all this clear in a speech yo will never hear on mainstream television, or anywhere in Europe, since just saying out loud what he does in this speech would be considered a “hate crime” across the pond.

I’ve posted an excerpt of his speech on YouTube with the audio track cleaned up a little to make listening a little easier.  His full speech and Q&A session are also available on Milo’s YouTube channel.

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