Fire kills Animal Trainer’s dogs, Heartless Degenerate Victimizes her a Second Time

It was a devastating tragedy for Dove Cresswell, the  Vancouver animal trainer who returned home from teaching a class on dog agility to discover her home filled with smoke from a kitchen fire.  She and her partner Jared Brown rushed inside to save their animals, only to discover they were too late.  Firefighters had to stop them from going back inside after they saved two animals because it was simply too dangerous.  Both were taken to hospital suffering from smoke inhalation and that’s when the heartless degenerates struck.

Only one cat and one dog survived the fire.  In total 8 dogs and 2 cats perished, devastating Dove Cresswell and her partner, Jared Brown.

Reading news reports about the fire and devastating loss of 8 animals one or more degenerate slimebags broke into the boarded up home and stole a digital camera and external hard drive that contained all of Dove’s photos and videos of her animals.  These devices contained the only images she had of her now-deceased pets, compounding the tragedy she and her partner suffered.

Thankfully the world is not filled with such opportunistic predators, though.  A friend of the couple started a GoFundMe campaign (Fire Recovery for Dove & Happy Dogs) that raised over $5,000 in under 24 hours.  As of Saturday afternoon that total is north of $8,000.

The amazing crew of men and women on the set of Jared Brown’s current show raised $6,900 from the crew on Friday alone, with one of the show’s producers generously matching the amount raised by the crew.

It is gratifying to know that such a devastation can result in such generosity and support at a time when this couple needs it the most.

If you want to help Jared Brown and Dove Cresswell there are a couple of ways to donate.

First, is the GoFundMe campaign at

Second is by deposit to a trust account at TD Canada Trust under Nina Durante, a friend of Cresswell’s. Go to any TD Canada Trust location and donate to Transit #93230 Account #6401170.

All funds go directly to the couple to help them recover from this personal disaster.

And to that appalling example of human degeneracy who re-victimized this couple I ask this.  How bereft of humanity must you be to prey on this couple already suffering the worst of tragedies? What sort of degenerate things stealing from an injured and grieving couple in hospital is a good idea?

If you are that person, prove to us all you’re not a thoroughly lost cause.  Return the hard drive and the SD card from the camera to where you stole it.  Keep the camera if you must, but return the camera card and hard drive that contain the only images of Cresswell’s amazing animals. They are of no use to you and you certainly can’t sell them for much so do the right thing. Return that which you so thoughtlessly stole.

And to all those who so generously donated to help this couple I offer you my thanks for proving humanity is not a lost cause.

Thank you.

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