Trudeau’s Entitlement and Greed Benefit MPs and Senators but not mere citizens

If there is one word that describes Justin Trudeau it is “entitlement“.  Today it is reported that The Shiny Pony will take Wednesday off so he can spend the day with his equally entitled wife and celebrate their anniversary.  Justin Trudeau’s sense of entitlement truly knows no bounds.

He went to great pains to explain the day would be paid for with “personal funds” while not actually answering the question put to him, which was this:

“You’re taking a day of downtime tomorrow. Are Canadian taxpayers paying for this downtime in any way, including for idle staffers, and if so, is there any benefit to the country?”

That’s not a liberal media softball is it Mr. Prime Minister?  No, but his answer is befitting one, to be sure.  His answer below is NOT the sanitized version the mainstream media insists upon.  It’s the stuttering stammering idiot we call Prime Minister in all his “um” glory.

The fact of the matter is we’ve been working extremely hard… today, uh, and will be at the G7 meetings, uh,  on Thursday and Friday, uh, and, uh, in the in the middle of all this, uh, I’m taking a moment to, uh, uh,  celebrate on, uh, personal funds, uh, my wedding anniversary with my wife. Uh, this is, uh, the kind of work-life balance that I’ve often talked about as being essential in order to be able to be, uh, a, uh, ummm, to be in service of the country, uh, with, uh, with, uh, all one’s very best and, uh, uh, that’s certainly something I’m going to continue to make sure we do.

I’m unsure which part of the day will be paid for with Trudeau’s “personal funds” but I highly doubt it will be his security detail, meals or hotel.

As for the staffers sitting idle, who knows?  I’m sure they’ll enjoy the day off with pay while the boss flits about with his wife on the taxpayer’s dime.

And that’s just what he’s doing while he’s OUT of the country.  Here at home the entitlements just keep growing.

First, he’s giving everyone in the Parliament and Senate a pay hike, and this is where Trudeau’s entitlement and hypocrisy collide.  He’s giving himself and the other Members of Parliament a 1.8% raise and Senators get a 2.1% raise.  That doesn’t sound like much, right?  It’s not, I suppose, until you comprehend two things:

  1. This will cost we mere citizens over 1 MILLON dollars this and every year in addition to their already exorbitant wages, and
  2. The raise Trudeau is handing himself is 4 times what he offered federal government workers.

Did I mention hypocrisy?

Aaron Wudrick of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation put it best.

I don’t think most Canadians have much sympathy for the notion that MPs need a pay hike, considering they already earn far more than the average Canadian.”

Saying MPs “earn far more than the average Canadian” is actually a gross understatement.  The average Canadian earns just over $49,000 per year, meaning that the base salary for MPs of $170,400 is 3.5 times what the average Canadian makes.

“Far more” doesn’t even come close, does it?

And then there is Justin Trudeau’s out-of-control spending.

On May 19th Canada’s Emperor said his 30 BILLION dollar deficit for this fiscal year was not a hard limit, and that it could go higher.

I’m sure, given Trudeau’s penchant for handing over buckets of Canadian Taxpayer cash to foreign nations, yet maintaining disgusting silence on helping Fort McMurray residents in the wake of the greatest disaster they’ve ever known.

Trudeau said he will “match Red Cross donations” to Fort McMurray which every Canadian ought to view as a slap in the face, all while forking over hundreds of millions to other nations.

Today’s donation to the world by the mere citizens of Canada is $331.5 million.  This is for “global humanitarian aid”, whatever that might mean, yet Trudeau can’t be bothered to help Fort McMurray beyond “matching Red Cross donations”.

When even the Huffington Post says Trudeau is sending too much money out of the country (Trudeau’s Spending Priorities Send Too Many Tax Dollars Overseas) you know things must be bad!

Sun Media’s Ottawa corresponded, David Akin, did the research into Trudeau’s spending binge in just the first 100 days of his reign.  The result is a mind-numbing figure of $5.3 billion.  Yes, that’s with a “B”.

In that same 100 days he’s spent less than $1 billion inside Canada’s borders.

Ah, there’s that hypocrisy again.  As long as he looks good in his selfies around the globe who cares how much it costs, right?

The Selfie King has spoken.  Canada is the world’s financial keeper.

And the news only gets worse.  The National Bank projects that Trudeau’s Liberal government will land Canada $90 BILLION in deficits, on top of Canada’s already massive debt, by the time of the next election.

You’d best hang onto your wallet…. and hold on tight.  The Canadian Emperor is coming for its contents and The Emperor is NOT taking “No” for an answer.


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