Cassandra Oosterhof Huntress Censorship Outrage does NOT translate into votes

Cassandra-Oosterhof-Vote-TotalOver 500 people read my articles about Chilliwack huntress Cassandra Oosterhof‘s quest to win the crown of “Extreme Huntress” yesterday yet only 17 people actually followed the link in the article and voted for her.  I must say I’m both surprised and disappointed.

Had even 25% of those outraged that Cassandra’s quest was censored by a few small-minded hypocrites actually voted for her Cassandra would have rocketed into 5th place.  Had 50% voted for her as a result of all this censorial hypocrisy she would sit comfortably in 4th place.

But no… just 17 votes for a woman hunter doing her best to be a shining Canadian example we can all be proud of; to be a role model for others.

So if you’re one of the many people who read the article but didn’t take action, please… please click the link below and help this young woman achieve her dream.

Read her essay on the Extreme Huntress website.  Learn a little about this awesome young woman and then give her your support. She deserves it.


Please help Cassandra Oosterhof make it to the next round of the Extreme Huntress competition.  Vote for her today at

When you go to the voting page enter “Cassandra” in the search box, click the box to receive email updates from her (if you like),  enter your email address and click the green “Vote” button.  Click on the link that says ‘send confirmation email’ and then check your email for that confirmation and finally click the link inside that email.


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